Free Calisthenics Training Guide

We receive a lot of questions on Instagram about this sport and we want to help as many people as we possibly can. Therefore we wrote an unique document with all the valuable information that you can use if you want to get started or if you want more in depth information about calisthenics training.

This is the ultimate guide to start and progress without any beginner mistakes. Don’t waste your time, read this guide and train smart!

Calisthenics Training Guide (English)

  • Calisthenics, what is it?
  • Training Methods
  • Example training Routines
  • 10 Important training principles
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Nutrition & Calisthenics
  • Workout Programs

Calisthenics programs

If you’re a total beginner or if you already have built some strength but you’re struggling to make some good progress, we can help you out! We offer multiple calisthenics programs for each level! ‘The Full Journey Program’ is a long-term program where you will learn everything from scratch to become a master of your own body weight. This program has no requirements and will take you from your current level to an advanced Calisthenics athlete. With the ‘Custom Program’ you will focus on your own specific goals which can be mastering specific Calisthenics skills, reducing body fat or gaining lean muscle mass, all adapted to your current strength and lifestyle.

All Programs Include:

Instruction Videos on Exercises
Instruction Videos on Exercises
Exercise Logbook
Exercise Logbook
Program Goals
Program Goals
Warming-Up & Stretching
Warming-Up & Stretching
24/7 Support By Us
24/7 Support By Us
And More...
And More...

– The Full Journey –

  • Long-term program (1+ Year)
  • 4 programs of 8-16 weeks
  • Learn multiple skills stepwise
  • 150+ instructional video’s
  • Jump in at your own level
  • Work systematically with a timeline

Custom program

  • Customized workout plan
  • 8 – 12 weeks training period
  • Focussed on your specific goals
  • Instructional video’s included
  • Adapted to your current level
  • Fitted to your lifestyle

Personal meal plan

  • Step-by-step diet approach
  • Daily Calorie Goals
  • Daily Macronutrient goals
  • Foods That Fits Your Eating Habits
  • Logbook Included
  • 24/7 Support

Client Testimonials

Read about the journey of clients with our Programs & Coaching!

Felipe Jara
Custom Program, Online Coaching January 22, 2019

“At the moment that I finished the program I felt much more confident with my handstand, pullups and other exercises that we worked on…”

Axel Hekkelman
Group Training December 5, 2018

“Every week I felt getting stronger and stronger because of the classes, the first time I managed to do a muscle up is something I’ll never forget…”

Fabian Ruivenkamp
Custom Program November 28, 2018

“I have achieved results that I never dared to dream, my calisthenics level has been raised to a higher level and my fat percentage is lower than ever…”

Lasse M
Custom Program, Parallettes November 27, 2018
lars moller

“I managed to fulfill 6 of my 8 program goals, including the main goal: the l-sit to handstand. I am on my 2nd program now, and I recommend these to everyone…”

Niels Polak
Beginner Program, Meal Plan November 24, 2018

“I am in my thrid week of the program and I love it! I just feel so much better now! I have found back the enjoyment of working out…”

Bogdan Manta
The Full Journey Program November 19, 2018

“I didn’t expect this level of quality and richness in content, use of English language, or overall visuals of the full program journey…”

Leon ten Bras
The Full Journey Program November 19, 2018

“What I personally like (as a complete beginner) is that every single skill/goal is scaled down to easier progressions and are all explained by instructional videos.”

Yazen Joudeh
The Full Journey Program November 19, 2018
United States

“This program lays out clear goals and progressions for multiple skills that goes way beyond the typical one-day workout advices found online…”

Jim de Jong
The Full Journey Program November 19, 2018
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-19 at 16.00.22

“It’s nice that I finally have 1 single program that includes all exercises and levels. The Program looks really professional and very comprehensive…”

Martijn Ruijterkamp
The Full Journey, Online Coaching November 19, 2018
edit 9

“I would recommend coaching especially for people like me who have struggles with consistency and don’t know whether they are training right…”

Sander Frieswijk
Personal Training November 15, 2018

“It was clearly explained what was important for me and why, technology, flexibility, mobility and strength. All facets were dealt with…”

Gordon Bedford
Custom Program, Online Coaching November 1, 2018
Foto website

“The weekly skype check-ins really helps to build motivation and also drive improvement, I’ve learned so much by just letting my coach reviewing the video’s…”

Yudhistar Bedi
Beginner Program, Online Coaching November 1, 2018
United States
yudibedi foto

“My coach suggested some stretching routines that helped me open up my shoulders. I went from a zero wallstand to a 5 second handstand…”

Arne Leemans
Custom Program October 18, 2018
arne leemans

“The workouts of my custom program are really challenging! But most important; A lot of fun! There is a lot of variation between the workouts…”

Koen Janssen
Beginner Program, Parallettes October 18, 2018

“With this program it becomes very easy for anyone to start with Calisthenics the right way! You can make endless progressions with the level-system method…”

Evi Woerdman
Beginner Program October 16, 2018

“I never thought that Calisthenics would be possible for girls, but the beginner program makes this possible! I’m really enthousiastic about it…”

Ricardo de Boer
Parallettes October 11, 2018

“They are thicker than all other paralettes. This is the most important reason why I bought these paralettes instead of others…”

Bart van der Heijden
Custom Program October 2, 2018

“I was very surprised how much time and energy they put in the Custom Program! Really good service! But most importantly; I made some good progress…”

Jan Klein Klouwenberg
Parallettes September 27, 2018

“The parallettes are simply perfect. They are compact, weigh surprisingly little and are extremely stable. I think they set a new standard for parallettes…”

David Meija
Beginner Program September 2, 2018

“All I can say is thank you! It’s a great routine and suitable for every beginner to make great results. You can notice the hard work and efforts they put in…”

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Online Coaching

When you choose to get online coaching, you will receive everything you need to progress optimally. We as coaches feel responsible and make sure that you will reach your goals as fast as possible. This means that we’ll supply everything necessary to transform your body AND reach your calisthenics goals. That includes a workout program of choice, a personal meal plan, weekly feedback on your exercise video’s and logbooks and we will give the weekly motivation that you need to succeed. Our clients have found this constant motivation the most beneficial aspect of coaching.

What You'll Get:

Feedback on Your Videos
Feedback on Your Videos
Feedback on Your Logbook
Feedback on Your Logbook
Weekly 1-to-1 Skype or E-mail
Weekly 1-to-1 Skype or E-mail
Updateable Program
Updateable Program

Meet Your Trainers

Michael Calisthenics Family

Michael Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Business Administration, HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • 6 years fitness experience (3 years Calisthenics)
  • Board Member of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation
  • National Champion Strict Form Push-Ups

I’m Michael and my greatest passion is to help people out to achieve their dreams. I have always known that I wanted to work with people by giving them real support and guidance. I truly believe that every person can realize their goals, but only with the right tools, hard effort and good support. Calisthenics has changed my life and my mission is to change yours as well! I did not only gain a better body or learned some cool skills, but I actually got more confident and happier in life by living a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle. The process of moving forward together gives me so much joy and energy in life that it became an addiction to me. So, are you ready to change your life? Let me help you out!

Yannick Calisthenics Family

Yannick Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Applied Mathematics, Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • 8 years fitness experience (3 years Calisthenics)
  • Graphic Designer and Videographer

At the age of 15 I started lifting weights in the gym. I have always been fascinated about human strength. During that time I have been focusing more on strength building rather than bodybuilding. After a few years of training like this I noticed that I gained a lot of strength but I wasn’t flexible at all. I wanted to actually do something with the strength that I gained instead of just lifting weights. That’s where Calisthenics came in and it literally changed my life. During the past 2 years of training I really got passionate about this sport! That is why I want to share the beauty of this sport and help people out with their own journey.

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COI (Calisthenics Education Institute)

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