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Fat burn program

WHY this Fat Burn Program?

After our own Succesful 30-day body transformation we got many request to create a fat burn program that focusses on LOSING WEIGHT rather than learning calisthenics

You are at the right place if:

  You really want to lose bodyfat as fast as possible

  You want to get in shape and get fitter by trying out bodyweight training

  You want to get shredded before your summer holiday vacation

Our own 30-Day Transformation Story

We are Michael & Yannick and after last years winter we both gained a little bit too much weight and as a calisthenics athlete, that is far from optimal. Because the heavier you are, the harder bodyweight exercises become.

Next to this increase in weight we also got a little lost in our workout routine. Due to all the discractions we get in our daily life, such as work and other personal things.

So that’s when we decided to start a 30-day body transformation challenge, consisting out of Daily Workouts and a Nutrition Plan!

And our results were Incredible…

Michael went from 80.5 Kg to –> 75.1 Kg (-5.5 Kg
Yannick went from 85.8 Kg to –> 77.7 Kg (-7.7  Kg

Before fat burn program

30 day fat loss

After our 30 Day Fat-Burn Challenge…

We did not only lose weight, but also maintained our muscle mass and got the most shredded physique that we’ve ever achieved.

30 day fat loss

30 day fat loss

But that’s not all…

We also created new habits. Because once you do something for a consecutive amount of time, your actions become habits and they last forever!

We still start each day with a workout…

Fat burn program

…and we still consume the same healthy foods!

So… HOW Can You Get These Results Too?

No Calisthenics or Gym, but Bodyweight training!

So we consider calisthenics as “beautiful strength” That is also where the word calisthenics comes from: (“kalos” meaning beautifull and “sthenos” meaning strength).

This beautifull strength (exercises like the handstand, muscle up or even the human flag)  can  only be achieved through bodyweight training. However…

We found out that the goal of probably 99% of the people is NOT to achieve these impossible hard skills, but just to lose weight, get in shape and become fitter!

And that’s where Bodyweight training comes in! It has so much more benefits than the gym. Let us give you a few benefits…

Fat burn program

Benefits of Bodyweight training:

  It’s a functional way of training, meaning you are using multiple muscle groups at the same time and therefore burn more fat;

  You don’t need access to a crowded, expensive gym, but you can train anywhere, anytime;

  It’s an accessible way of training because most bodyweight exercises are doable for anyone at any level;

  It’s less injury sensitive compared to lifting weights where the exercises are a lot more complicated!

WHAT exactly did we do to transform our bodies..?

30-day fat burn program

What we signed up for…

Before we started this challenge. There was 1 thing that we had to hold on for. And that was…

Consistency! Why? Because we noticed that we got a little lost in that deep workout mentality that we once had. And that’s why we decided to start this challenge and devote ourselfes to:

  30 Days of working out (without skipping any training day!)
  30 Days of tracking our calories
  30 Days of eating healthy food

And because we made a plan & logbook for ourselve consisting out 30 days, failure was no option! 

30-day fat burn program

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

The workouts that we mostly did were  based on scientifcally proven training methods that focusses on burning fat.

The training method that we therefore used in our program is also referred to as High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T).

A HIIT is usually a workout between 10 and 45 minutes. In general a training usually consists of a warm-up, followed by a number of exercises that you perform one after the other in intervals.

So with this knowledge and training approach we created our own  succesfull High intensity Training workout sequences that we used for this 30-day fatburn challenge!

(The above routine is one of the workout sequences of the program)

Now it’s YOUR Turn!

We already had a succesful 30-day transformation… we created this fat burn program especially for YOU to get the same results!

I Want To Start!

What are the requirements for the fat burn program?

This fat burn program has no requirements! However, we have divided the upper-body workouts into 2 different levels: Beginner & Intermediate. In this way this program is accessible and challenging for everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced.

This fat burn program is suitable for you if:

  You are a complete beginner or overweighted and have little to no experience with bodyweight training (beginner level)

  You are at the age of 40+ and want to get fit again (beginner/intermediate level)

  You already have some strength and can already do 5 pullups and more than 10 pushups (Intermediate level)

fat burn program

Fat burn program

What equipment do you need for the fat burn program?

The only things that you’ll need to have access to are the following:

Upper Body Workouts:

Pullup Bar
Parallel Bar
Medium height Bar
(Rings can replace the 3 above)
(Assistance bands if you’re a beginner)

Lower Body Workouts:

Nothing, you can do them anywhere you like.

So… What do you receive with the fat burn program?

*Note that the program is a digital but printable product which you can use online and on your phone.

Follow along fat burn routine

Follow Along Workout Routines (HD Video Quality)

This 30-day fat burn program comes with follow along workout focussed on burning fat. The good thing is that you follow all workouts  together with us. The benefits of this is that

  It is easy to follow and to understand all the exercises
  It keeps you motivated to keep on track with us

Personal fat burn meal plan

Customized nutrition plan (unique)

Losing weight can not be done without watching your food properly. Everyone is different and that’s why we have designed a custom mealplan generator that creates your own mealplan with the right amount of calories and nutrients based on your personalities.

  Calories based on your weight and goals
  Right amount of macronutrients based on your daily calorie intake

Fat burn excercises

Over 50 exercise examples + Video explanation

One thing which is new and unique  in comparising with our previous programs is that we explain all the exercises in the video’s. So it’s not just us showing you the exercise, but we actually tell you how to perform each exercise correctly.

Good form & technique with each exercise
Prevents you from injuries

Workout & Nutrition logbook

Workout & Nutrition Logbooks

Tracking progress is one of the most important things in order to succeed. If you don’t measure your progress you won’t be able to see if you’re on the winning side! That’s why we have included logbooks, both for your workouts and your mealplan. Marking off those daily workouts makes every day a win!

Logbooks to keep on track with your workouts
Logbooks to keep on track with your mealplan

Access to the private Members Community

The Calisthenics Family already is a community with more than 1000 people and it’s growing everyday. Everyone that enrolls in one of our programs get access to the private facebook group.

Become part of a strong community
Get access to private Q&A sessions and more content not found on social media

Personal fat burn coaching

24/7 E-mail Support by us!

We will guide you through your transformation and make sure you everything is clear for you! We want to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, so there we support you by:

People that follow our programs get our support with prioirty
Feedback on your form or technique if you e-mail us

But, WAIT…
How do you know if this fat burn program works?

Well… we already did 30-day transformation challenges before! Just watch the succes stories with this program!

Jarvis went from 91 Kg to –> 85 Kg (-6kg)

Also, check these recent Reviews…

All these results don’t lie!

So, what are you waiting for?
This is your CHANCE!

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No Results..? Get Your Money Back!

After all the positive stories that we get from our clients after purchase, we are 100% sure that this program will guarantee results IF properly followed for a consecutive period of time. So that’s why we give you the oppurtinity to try this program out risk free, for 30 days.  If you,  for whatever reason, still find yourself not getting any results after 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund!*

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