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The Weight Loss Workout & Diet Program

This Weight Loss Workout Program & Diet Plan is the perfect way to lose weight as fast as possible. This program focuses on losing weight rather than learning calisthenics. Therefore, this program is suitable for everyone. For complete beginners and more advanced and for men and women. Do you want to learn calisthenics anyway? Then this Weight Loss Plan is still very effective because when you are shredded it will be much easier to perform calisthenics skills.

However, no matter if you are interested in calisthenics or not, the biggest goal of this 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge is to lose weight fast, get in shape or become fitter by training with your own body weight in a fun and challenging way. Did you know that bodyweight training has many more benefits than the gym? It’s a functional way of training in which you use multiple muscle groups and therefore burn more fat! Besides that, the exercises are easy for anyone at any level! The program is designed for 30 days. Although, you can arrange the program however you want, for example for 60 or 90 days. Check the FAQ down below for more information about this.

The Program consists of two different plans: A Weight Loss Workout Program and a Weight Loss Diet Plan. We are sure we can help you to lose weight fast with this Weight Loss Challenge!

Daily follow-along H.I.I.T. Workouts

The Weight Loss Workout Plan comes with follow-along workout routines focused to lose weight fast. The enjoyable thing is that you can follow all workouts together with us through videos with HD Quality and that you can easily track your progress through a logbook. This has the following benefits:

✔ It is easy to follow and understand all the exercises.
✔ It’s less injury sensitive compared to lifting weights.
✔ It keeps you motivated to keep on track with us.
✔ You don’t need access to a crowded, expensive gym, but you can train anywhere, anytime.

The Weight Loss Workout Plan is focused on scientifically proven training methods that focus on losing weight. The Program consists of daily High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) workouts. A H.I.I.T. is a workout between 10 and 45 minutes. In general, a workout consists of a warming-up, followed by a number of interval exercises. So, with this knowledge and training approach, we created the most optimal H.I.I.T workout sequences of which this Weight Loss Workout Plan consists. In the image, you can see one of the daily follow-along workout sequences.

A Customized Meal Plan

Losing weight can not be done without watching your food properly. Everyone is different and that’s why we have designed a custom meal plan generator that creates your own Personal Weight Loss Diet Plan with the right number of calories and nutrients based on your personalities. The Meal plan:

✔ is calorie based on your weight and goals;
✔ consists of the right number of macronutrients based on your daily calorie intake;
✔ includes a logbook so you can track your calories.

The diet logbook will help you to stay consistent and motivated throughout your 30-Days (or longer) Weight Loss & Diet Challenge.

Follow-along videos & access to community

A very unique benefit of this Weight Loss Program is that we explain all the exercises in the follow-along videos. We will explain to you how to perform each exercise correctly. Another benefit is that everyone who enrolls in one of our programs gets access to our exclusive community. Calisthenics Family already is a big community and it’s growing every day. By starting this 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge, you:

✔ will have good form & technique with each exercise;
✔ prevent yourself from injuries;
✔ become part of a strong community;
✔ get access to private Q&A sessions and more content not found on social media.

Program Requirements

The 30-Days (or longer) Weight Loss Challenge has no requirements. However, we have divided the upper-body workouts into two levels: Beginner & Intermediate. In this way, the Weight Loss Program is accessible and challenging for everyone, whether you are:

✔ men or woman;
✔ a complete beginner or more advanced;
✔ interested in calisthenics or not;
✔ at the age of 40+.

We already had a successful 30-Days Weight Loss Transformation. We created this Weight Loss Program especially for you to get the same results! Now, it is your turn!

Note: It is not required to follow the program strictly for 30 days. You can also follow the program for 60 or 90 days and do fewer workouts each week to make it yourself a bit easier. Check the FAQ down below for more information about this.

Workout & Diet Logbooks

A very important aspect of this 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge is consistency! Therefore, tracking progress is one of the most important things in order to succeed. If you don’t measure your progress you won’t be able to see if you’re on the winning side! That’s why we have included logbooks to this Weight Loss Program, both for your H.I.I.T. Workout and your Meal Plan. Marking off your daily goals makes every day a win! With the logbooks you can devote yourself to:

✔ The number of workouts you want to do each week
✔ Tracking your calories
✔ Eating healthy food

24/7 support

We will guide you through your 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge and make sure everything is clear for you! We want to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, therefore we support you:

✔ You will become part of our priority mailing list
When you are part of our priority mailing list, you will receive an answer to your questions within 48 hours on working days. In this way, you will be able to maximize your progress during your Weight Loss Program.

✔ Receive feedback by sending us e-mails
If you would like to get feedback on your form or technique, you can simply send us a video of a specific exercise and we will give you personal tips. This makes it easy to improve your technique immediately: form is crucial!

No Results? Get Your Money Back!

After all the overwhelming stories that we receive from our clients, we are 100% sure that this 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge will guarantee results IF the program is properly followed for a consecutive period of time. That’s why we give you the opportunity to try this Weight Loss Workout Program & Meal Plan risk-free for 30 full days. If you, for whatever reason, still find yourself not getting any results after 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund! Read our refund policy.

Why should YOU start with the Weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan?   

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Transformations Google Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

Filip Fastre
Weight Loss & Full Journey May 11, 2021
Transformatie Calisthenics Family

”Hereby my transformation of the 12-week Newyears Challenge. I followed the 30 Day Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan. Especially the workouts are amazing, fully total loss after 3 rounds. That’s what we doing it for!!”

Jarvis Garcia
Multiple programs October 25, 2019
Transformation Weight Loss Calisthenics

”One of my goals in this program was to improve my calisthenics skills and gain strength. And that definitely happened. And also lose some fat because I had a lot of fat….”

Niels Polak
Multiple programs May 1, 2020
edit before after

”In the past 3.5 months, I have followed the 30-Days Weight Loss Plan and Home Workout Plan of Calisthenics Family! I am proud of myself and I am very motivated to continue with this!…”

Ricardo Maeghs
Weight Loss Program September 27, 2021
Transformatie Calisthenics

“With a second child coming along I wanted to stay in shape as good as possible. Because I knew what I could expect (less spare time, maternity visit, sleepless nigths, etc.) I was looking for something that could really help me…”

Daniel Asbury
Weight Loss Program October 5, 2021
United States
Transformatie Calisthenics

“The last twelve weeks I have been participating in the summer fitness challenge using the fat burn bodyweight program and to be honest it was easy at the start. But after the first week it became brutally difficult. After three weeks of this program…”

Michael Woerdman
Weight Loss Plan May 5, 2020
before after

”I went from 80.5 kg to 75.1 kg which is -5.5 kg. I did only lose weight fast but I  also maintained my muscle mass and got the most shredded physique that we’ve ever achieved. As a calisthenics athlete, I noticed…”

Yannick Woerdman
Weight Loss Plan May 5, 2020
before after

”This was the first time that I participated in this 30 day Weight loss challenge. I’m really surprised by the results that I have achieved in this short amount of time. I went from 85.8 kg to 77.7 kg which is -7.7 kg…”

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Review Filip Fastre | Calisthenics Family weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan
Filip Fastre

Especially the workouts are amazing, I’m totally wasted after 3 rounds…

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Transformatie Calisthenics
Daniel Asbury

“The last twelve weeks I have been participating in the summer fitness challenge using the fat burn bodyweight program and to be honest it was easy at the start. But after the first week it became brutally difficult. After three weeks of this program…”

Read more
Review Francesco Marchi | Calisthenics Family | Full Journey Package
Freek Aarts

”Thank you guys a lot for all the help! I made so much progress since i started following your Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan 💪💪…”

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Review R P | Calisthenics Family Weight Loss & Workout Program

”From Michael and Yannick I bought a Weight loss workout & diet plan for 1 year and twice a Personalized Meal Plan, 1 to lose fat and then 1 to gain more muscle mass. The fat loss went super, I lost around 6 kilos while maintaining my current muscle mass. It is important to….”

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Frequently Asked Questions - Weight Loss & Diet Plan (FAQ'S)

Yes, you have lifelong access to the program. One of the best things about our digital programs is that you can follow your program from virtually anywhere, whenever you want. Once you enroll in a course, you’ll have access for life. Do you not have time due to circumstances? No problem! Continue with the program at a later time. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. So you determine how much time you take for each part. However, the goal is to follow this program for 30 days.

But there is more. we innovate our programs when necessary. Do we give the program an update? Then you will receive the updated program! This way you can work with the program forever.

The difference is that this program focusses on losing weight, while The Full Journey focusses on learning specific calisthenics skills by doing a lot of different bodyweight exercises. The Weight Loss Program is interesting for people who are and who are not interesting in calisthenics, while The Full Journey is specific for those who want to learn calisthenics. With The Full Journey: The 4-Course Workout Bundle, you can work forwards for at least a whole year.

The program is built up for 6 H.I.I.T follow-along workouts per week. Each workout will be around 45 minutes. In order to achieve the best weight loss results, the aim is to do 6 workouts every week. Since the workouts are intensive but relatively short, this is certainly achievable and easy to fit in your day. However, it is not required to do 6 workouts per week. See the next question for more information about this subject.

It is definitely not required to follow the program strictly for 30 days. The Program is designed for 30 days. Therefore the program is designed to do 6 workouts per week. However, if you don’t have the time to do 6 workouts per week or if you want to start step by step and you think 6 workouts are too much for you, then it is also possible to do the program for a longer period of time. In that case, you don’t have to do 6 workouts per week to obtain the same results over a longer period of time. For example:

  • Follow the program for 30 days and do 6 workouts each week
  • Follow the program for 60 days and do 3 workouts each week
  • Follow the program for 90 days en do 2 workouts each week

On the other hand, if you think 6 workouts are fine for you (as the workouts are relatively short), it is still possible to follow the program for a longer period than 30 days. To obtain even better results you can just add another 30 or 60 days to your personal weight loss challenge until you are happy with the results.

So, you can arrange the program however you want. You can just use the workout and diet logbooks again for a new period of 30 days.

The minimum age would be 14 y/o. The maximum age would be around 65 y/0. We have many clients from a young age but also an older age. The fact that you’ll train with your own body weight makes this program really safe and accessible at almost any age.

Yes, of course. The HIIT workouts are relatively short which makes it easy to fit the workouts in your day. This workout program is accessible to combine with your own sports program.

For the Upper Body Workouts, you need to have access to:

  • A pull up bar (you can use a door pull up bar)
  • Parallel bars (to make dips)
  • A medium height bar
  • Do you have access to gymnastic rings? Then these will replace the three above.

Are you a beginner? Then it will be comfortable if you have access to assistance bands.
You don’t need any equipment for the Lower Body Workouts. You can do them anywhere you like!

Yes, you definitely will! People often say that it’s not possible to build muscle while training with your bodyweight only, but that is completely wrong. Naturally, the human body isn’t built to move barbells or dumbbells around. Muscle development and strength increase all come down to the principle of “Progressive Overload”. When you train with your body, you have to apply a stimulus to your muscular-skeletal system to tell it to grow by adding more resistance. This is easy to apply with bodyweight training because you can make it as heavy as you want by doing more reps, or harder exercises.

Yes, there are warm-up exercises included to prevent injuries and increase your mobility and flexibility. They are all supported by a video.

Definitely! Why? When you are shredded it is much easier to perform calisthenics skills. When we did this 30-Days Weight Loss Challenge, our goal was not only to get shredded but also to make difficult calisthenics skills more approachable. After following this program, we directly noticed that we made faster progress with our calisthenics skills.

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Weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan

calisthenics weight loss workout and diet plan

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  • Custom made diet plan
  • Workout & nutrition logbooks
  • Lifelong access including updates
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • 24/7 support from Certified trainers
  • One-time payment. That’s it!
  • 30-day success guarantee
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