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Wim Jansen

I use the beginner Calisthenics workout program now for a few weeks. The program works fine for me! Pro’s – Clear and well-structured program – Ideal to get acquainted with…

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Kevin Storck

Keving Transformatie Calisthenics Weight Loss

Weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan (April 2020) I finished my 30 Weight Loss Plan. First of all: I came from zero, I had big injuries last year, so I…

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Oscar Garcia

Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan I’ve just downloaded the Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan. It looks really amazing. The design, the program layout and all the different workout options! I’m…

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Carly van Amstel

Bart van der Heijden

I followed the custom program and I was very surprised how much time and energy they put in! Its a full custom program for the things you want to work…

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Leon ten Bras

The Full Journey package looks very nice and is well-structured. The program lays out step by step how you can grow from a beginner to a professional calisthenics athlete. What…

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Jarvis Garcia

Transformation Weight Loss Calisthenics

Custom Program + Online Coaching + Weight Loss Hey guys, a while back I bought the Custom Program & Online Coaching from Calisthenics Family. Today I am going to tell…

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Arne Leemans

I have followed the custom program and I have to say that i’m really satisfied! The program will be fully customized based on your own specific goals. Whether you want…

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Yudhistar Bedi

Beginner Program + Online Coaching (Nov, 2018) I just finished the 8-week beginner program. Before this, when I wanted to start Calisthenics, I was looking at youtube channels and instagram…

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Frederico Morais

Calisthenics is the maximum exponent of personal development. Persistence, perseverance, pain, progress, achievement. Stages that your program helps go through. Simple and effective plan, with videos and pictures. I think…

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