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Calisthenics Family was founded in 2017 by the brothers Michael & Yannick. However, their passion for fitness and calisthenics began years ago. In the first few years the focus was mainly bodybuilding and weight lifting. During this period, the brothers from calisthencis family have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about fitness, nutrition and the functions of the body. At the beginning of 2016 their passion for calisthenics started and they switched from fitness to the sport calisthenics.

In the first year they had to learn and discover about the sport calisthenics. After many trials, errors and trying out different training methods, they have managed to create a good structure to learn calisthenics properly and systematically. After achieving various calisthenics skills on their own such as the muscle-up, the handstand, the backlever and the human flag, they have decided to help and coach other people in achieving these goals as well. This is how “Calisthenics Family” is founded.

Our mission

Calisthenics physique

The mission of Calisthenics Family is to show people all the great benefits of Calisthenics / Bodyweight training. People often think that it’s not possible to get a good physique with bodyweight training only, but that is completely wrong!

Calisthenics Family found that when doing Calisthenics you will not just get a lean aesthetic body, but it will enable you to really control your body mentally and physically. You will gain Real Strength and you will be able to perform Impressive Skills.

Ultimately you will live life more confident in an enjoyable and challenging way!
Calisthenics Family

Who Are We

Calisthenics personal trainer

Michael Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Business Administration, HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • 5 years fitness experience (2 years Calisthenics)
  • Board Member of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation
  • National Champion Strict Form Push-Ups

I’m Michael and my greatest passion is to help people out to achieve their dreams. I have always known that I wanted to work with people by giving them real support and guidance. I truly believe that every person can realize their goals, but only with the right tools, hard effort and good support. Calisthenics has changed my life and my mission is to change yours as well! I did not only gain a better body or learned some cool skills, but I actually got more confident and happier in life by living a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle. The process of moving forward together gives me so much joy and energy in life that it became an addiction to me. So, are you ready to change your life? Let me help you out!

Calithenics personal trainer

Yannick Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Applied Mathematics, Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • 7 years fitness experience (2 years Calisthenics)
  • Graphic Designer and Videographer

At the age of 15 I started lifting weights in the gym. I have always been fascinated about human strength. During that time I have been focusing more on strength building rather than bodybuilding. After a few years of training like this I noticed that I gained a lot of strength but I wasn’t flexible at all. I wanted to actually do something with the strength that I gained instead of just lifting weights. That’s where Calisthenics came in and it literally changed my life. During the last 2 years of calisthenics training I really got passionate about this sport! That is why I want to share the beauty of this sport and help people out with their own journey.

Our story


The Start of Our Fitness Journey…

We are Michael and Yannick, two brothers from the Netherlands. We are 24 and 23 years old and started calisthenics in September 2016. Together we started fitness with lifting weights at the gym like everyone else: Throwing dumbbells and barbells around while doing the same kind of exercises all the time. Why? To get a “better body” because we found ourselves skinny…

Bulking period

Making Some (Muscle) Mass…

When we were about 18 years old we started working out at the gym because we wanted to become muscular instead of being skinny. We put a lot of work and hours spending in the gym together but we didn’t really see the results we wanted to see. We started following the routines of the bodybuilders on the internet and started the so called “Bulk period” to gain mass. So we started to eat a lot of calories in order “to build more muscle”. Slightly on we got stronger and built more muscle, but at the same time we got fat as hell. So instead of getting the aesthetic body that we wanted we got blown up and felt not functional at all…

Cutting period

Getting Rid of That Fat…

We kept doing fitness for another year. We started our “cutting period” and did cardio for at least 3 times a week on the treadmill, not because we liked doing that so much.. but because we needed to lose all that bulked up fat. After a year of blood, sweat and tears we lost almost all the fat that we had made during the bulk period and we were “ready” for the summer… (at least that’s what we thought).

So after 2 years of working our ass of in the gym we started to see better results and built some kind of muscle mass. The summer was over and the whole bulking/cutting bodybuilding process started all over again. At a certain point we thought “What are we actually doing?” Putting so much time into the gym and for wat? To get a better body? For who? Myself? To impress others? For the ladies? And do we actually still even like it?

We noticed that we did not find weightlifting challenging enough anymore and we definitely had no dream of becoming a Huge Pumped up Bodybuilder. We actually started to find fitness boring due to the same kind of exercises that you do all the time with the only purpose of just lifting more and more weights. We actually did not really care anymore whether we could bench press or squat 80KG’s, 100Kg’s or even 120 Kg’s. There was no end goal, nothing to strive towards in the long run. Do you get the point? So at a certain point we were not motivated enough to give everything at the gym and our drive for fitness was gone…

Until we found calisthenics

The Change…

In comparison with weightlifting, we really loved the idea of full body control and the challenging tricks and skills that Calisthenics/Bodyweight training has to offer. We really wanted to become a Calisthenics Athlete, but we did not know how to train. So we started to do tons of research on the internet. After all, we did not find a good program or an example on how to train Calisthenics. We also had our questions with bodyweight training. The biggest one: “Can you make Muscle Mass with Calisthenics?”.

We had put a lot of work in the gym so were kind off afraid to lose our muscle mass that we had been working so hard for at those 2 years at the gym. Although we had our doubts about Calisthenics, we were just too passionate and inspired by all the athletes on the internet that we just made the decision to fully commit our workouts to Calisthenics only. We can tell you already that that decision has been the Best Decision of our Life!

So despite the fact that we did not know what to do or where to start, we just started training Calisthenics without any clue what we were doing. We quit our membership at the gym and rebuilt our own backyard into some kind of a workout park haha..

The only things that we purchased were a pull up bar and a dipping station and later some paralettes (we actually built them ourselve) but that is really all we trained with.

We just started with the basics like push ups, pull ups, dips and squats. We did not follow a certrain workout routine because we could not find any. So by trail and error we progressed and over time we switched our routines to find out what works best for training Calisthenics.

After 1 Year of Calisthenics…

Before we started we were not able to stand on our hands for even 1 second, not even in a frog stand position, lol. We couldn’t do a backlever, a muscle up or any other advanced movements. Although we had some “Gym experience”, we were actually quite inflexible in our joints (probably due to all the isolation work at the gym). We actually thought that we were pretty strong after 2 years of fitness, but during the calisthenics workout we found out that we were completely wrong about that haha… After 1 year of hard work together, consistency and the most important: a lot of FUN we went from NOTHING to Epic Skills that we now can perform like:

Calisthenics skills

Can you make muscle mass with calisthenics?

The Question…

So as you can see there’s is so much to achieve in only one year of hard work and concistency! To get back to the earlier question: “Can you make Muscle Mass with Calisthenics?” Well… YES you can! We would even say that there’s nothing better to practise then Calisthenics in order to make Real Muscle Mass that not only gives you a good looking physique, but muscles that actually “work” in order to really control your own body. We personally have seen a huge transformation in our physique since we made the decision to only do Calisthenics. First of all we got super lean, because with Calisthenics we have been doing intense workouts with a lot of repetitions that burned a lot of fat. Also our overall muscle mass has significantly progressed. Our core feels solid like a hard rock and our shoulders, arms, chest and back muscles gained a lot muscles . So that’s only about the muscle growth while we have not even spoken of all the great skills we’ve learned and how flexible our body has become… After two years of doing Calisthenics we made a transformation video on that gives you an idea on how we were not able to do any skill in the beginning and some cool footage after 2 years of training.

So funny story aye… We stopped lifting weights because we wanted to challenge ourselves and learn epic skills while being afraid to lose muscle mass, but instead we actually achieved lots of skills, got super flexible AND gained muscle mass as well. Awesome! One main principle Calisthenics Family preaches is that: “One must first master their own bodyweight before even touching weights”.

Sounds kind of logical right? Why should you train with extra weights at the gym if you cannot even do 20 pushups, 15 pull ups or 1 handstand pushup? To make muscle mass? Well.. you better start with Calisthenics.

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