If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time before the renewal date. Your subscription will then be canceled at the end of your current term. Note: Once the subscription has been renewed, it cannot be undone.

If you have a membership, you can view, manage and cancel your subscription on your account dashboard on our website.

That depends on 2 factors, your goal with training and your level. You can follow the guidelines below to choose the most suitable program:

First you look at your goal

Do you want to build muscle mass and learn skills? Then choose the category: Master Calisthenics

Do you want to build muscle mass and become functionally strong, but you don’t have access to a gym or sports racks? Then choose the category: No Equipment

Do you want to build muscle mass and become strong in basic exercises such as a push up, pull up and dip. Then choose the category: Basics

Do you want to build muscle mass and become strong in bodyweight exercises, but also train in the gym with weights? Then choose the category: Calisthenics & Gym

Is your goal to lose weight? The most effective category is: Lose weight. Note: you can also lose weight with other programs, but in all cases be aware that your nutrition also plays an important role.

Do you really want to learn a specific skill as quickly as possible, such as the handstand or muscle up? Then choose a program in the category: Learning Skills.

Have you chosen a category? Then look at your level.

We offer programs in 5 levels from novice to expert. The following requirements apply approximately to each level. Do you doubt what level you are? Then choose the easier level and see if the exercises are good or too easy for you.

0-3 push ups / 0 pull ups -> Novice

5-15 push ups / 1-5 pull ups -> Beginner

20-40 push ups / 8-12 pull ups -> Intermediate

50-70 push ups / 15-20 pull ups -> Advanced

80+ push ups / 25+ pull ups -> Expert

An important part of our app is tracking and improving your progress.

You can find the history of your training sessions by navigating to Calendar and then clicking on the clock next to the calendar icon. Here you will find an overview of all the workouts you have done. When you select a workout, you can see the results you achieved with each exercise.

You can also see per exercise what progress you have made over time. You can do this by selecting an exercise via a workout, or via the explore page. When you see the details of the exercise you will find a section with “history”. When you click on history for the exercise, you will see all the logs you have entered for that exercise, so you can see exactly how much progress you have made since you started this exercise!

We are aware of the issue that music gets muted while playing a video. At this moment we are using YouTube for the video’s and YouTube won’t let sound from other apps overlay while playing.

There are a few ways to work around this:

  1. Don’t follow the workouts live, so don’t tap on the “play” button. Instead follow the workout by clicking on individueal exercises, where you can change the reps and see the workout notes. You might want to watch the video for instruction purposes, but over time you will know how to perform them so you don’t have to watch them every time you workout.
  2. I believe this is only available for Samsung users, but there might be similar app for other devices. The app “Sound Assistent” will let you play sounds from multiple apps at the same time with the option “multi sound”.
  3. A solution used by other members is to play music from a different device.

We are doing our best to tackle the issue. But it’s not always easy to choose it the exact way we want, especially with third party integrations.

Thanks for your understanding!