Workshop by Artem Morozov

Straight Arm Strength

Date: 22 september 2018

Time: 11:00 – 14:00

Location: MOVI Performance Gym, Veenendaal, Netherlands

Artem Morozov “king of statics”

A good athlete is not always a good teacher. “inventor of the Impossible dip and the Morozov hold! Artem shows that he can carry over his scientific knowledge during his workshops. He has broken down every single step from every single exercise and knows what specific muscles there will be targeted. Therefore he can help you out to break plateaus and understand why and how you should train for a specific skill or exercise. Balance, strength, mobility and flexibility are subjects that he will discuss. Is this important? Yes, this is crucial! He will show that if you use this information and these specific training methods that it will benefits you to train more effective and smarter! So train smart, don’t waste your time and join this workshop!

During this workhop Artem will focus on straight-arm strengt. He will mainly discuss the static exercises like the planche, the handstand, the one-arm handstand, the Victorian cross and as a BONUS his newest invention: the Morozov hold!

Workshop Aftermovie

Workshop Review

Jan together with Artem Morozov during the Workshop