10 Minute Abs Workout

5 best exercises for your abs workout

10 Minute Calisthenics Abs Workout

When training Calisthenics and working to more advanced skills, it is really important that you have a strong core. Also, if you want to get a six-pack, you should not only do the basic dynamic exercises from the gym as situps and leg raises. It’s very important that you focus on your static core exercises to get bigger abs. That’s why we focus on the static core exercises during this 10 Minute Abs workout. This workout can also be used as a core strengthening routine or as a warmup before your Calisthenics workout in which you do the frontlever or the planche. You don’t need any equipment, the only thing you can use is a mat.  This routine consists of 5 exercises in which we target the front side of your abs, obliques, and lower back. Each exercise takes 45 seconds, if you can’t do this you can for example also do 30 seconds. Between each exercise, you get 15 seconds of rest. Let’s get started!

Calisthenics Abs Workout – 5 best exercises

Exercise 1 – Elbow Plank

The first exercise is the Plank. This is a classic exercise, which is really good for your core, abs, and lower back. It basically activates your whole body. Make sure to watch your breathing. Do this one for 45 seconds, afterwards you have 15 seconds rest:

  • place your elbows on the floor;
  • point your toes away from you;
  • bring your hips forward; 
  • protract your scapula;
  • keep a rounded upper back;
  • aim for 45 seconds;

10 Minute Abs Workout Calisthenics

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Exercise 2 – Side Plank 

10 Minute Abs Workout

The next exercise of this 10 minute Calisthenics abs workout is the Side Plank. This exercise will be done two times, one time with your left hand, and one time with your right hand. Make sure you don’t hang in your shoulder but push your neck basically away while pushing into the ground with your elbow.

  • Place your elbow on the floor;
  • Point your toes again;
  • bring your hips up and forward;
  • protract your scapula;
  • contract your glutes;
  • hold this for 45 seconds;
  • take 15 seconds rest and do the exercise with your other hand.

Exercise 3 – Table Pose

The next exercise is the Table Pose, also known as the bridge. With this exercise, we focus on the lower back and also on stretching our hip flexors. Which is very beneficial if you start working on the frontlever

  • Bring your hips up;
  • retract your scapula;
  • push your hips forward;
  • move your legs to the front;
  • try to elevate your scapula
  • try to keep your posterior pelvic tilted;
  • hold this for 45 seconds;

10 Minute Calisthenics Abs Workout

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Exercise 4 – Hollow Body Hold

The next exercise of this 10-minute Calisthenics Abs Workout is the Hollow Body hold. The hardest variation is with your legs totally straight, but you can also tug your knees in or do it straddled. The Hollow Body Hold is a good exercise for when you start handstand work, but also for your core and abs.

  • Lay down on your back;
  • put your legs up;
  • make sure that your lower back is in contact with the ground during the whole movement.
  • hold 45 seconds for your abdominals

10 Minute Abs Workout

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Exercise 5 – Superman Body hold

The last exercise of this 10 Minute Calisthenics Abs Workout is the Superman Body Hold. This is basically the same exercise as the Hollow Body Hold, but on your belly instead of back. It’s really important that you don’t overextend your lower back.

  • Lay on your belly.
  • Make sure that you don’t bring the legs as high as possible, but as close to the ground as possible.
  • Bring your head and arms from the ground and put them in front of you.
  • Perform the exercise with straight legs and pointed toes.
  • Focus on squeezing your glutes and bringing your hips forward.
  • Try not to arch your back too much.
  • Hold this for 45 seconds.

10-minute abs workout | Watch the Tutorial Video

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