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The Best Calisthenics Clothes

Calisthenics-clothesWhen you have to choose your outfit for a Calisthenics workout, or just for a regular day, there are so many choices, but which clothes are the best to choose? We can tell you, with our own experience, and the experience of our customers, about the comfort of our own Calisthenics Clothes. The CaliFam Merchandise is designed by us and we’re very proud to offer these nice clothes. 

In this blog, you will read about the Calisthenics Merchandise that we have to offer you. So, are you looking for new Workout Clothes? Definitely read this blog! 

Calisthenics Family Clothes

CaliFam Sweaters

Calisthenics Family offers many Calisthenics clothes, for example, sweaters. The CaliFam Sweater Black is very comfortable and perfect for your workouts. The sweater is not only suitable for your workouts, you can also wear it on your casual school or workdays. Furthermore, the sweater has a nice fit. Make sure to become a real Calisthenics Family Member with this sweater. For more specific info like the sizing and details, click on the image.

CaliFam Sweater Black

”Califam sweater is really comfy and casual. The fit is perfect for me. Would highly recommend the quality.

JustinGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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CaliFam T-shirts

Next to the Sweaters, Calisthenics Family also has other Calisthenics Clothes like the CaliFam T-shirt Military green and CaliFam T-shirt core black (picture). Both T-shirts are perfect to wear during Calisthenics workouts, but also to wear casually. Besides these two T-shirts, Calisthenics Family also offers the Athlete T-shirt Black. This T-shirt is also very nice and has some more text on the back. Perfect for athlethes! Please, keep in mind once you see the photos that this T-shirt is black, instead of the grey on the pictures. This is because of the lightning at that moment. Click the links for all the details of the T-shirts.

CaliFam T-shirt Black

I’ve got both the T-shirt and the nice sweater… and I have to admit that the comfort is incredibly amazing! 😍

Jules Appeldoorn
Google Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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