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The 5 best tips for your Perfect Dips

How to Dip – Workout to improve your dips

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The dip is one of the best exercises to work on your chest and triceps, but many people don’t know how to dip with a good technique. The dip is one of the Calisthenics exercises that most people are performing wrong. Performing the dip wrong causes serious injuries. We also see this at some of the members of the CaliFam community, That’s why we decided to make this How to Dip tutorial which includes a Dip Workout about how you can get from zero experience to weighted dips.

In this blog, you’ll find the 5 best exercises to get from zero experience with dips to eventually the weighted dips. So, are you struggling with your dips, or have you never done a dip before? Then you definitely have to read this blog and watch the tutorial video below for extra input!

How to Dip Workout – 5 Best exercises

Exercise 1 – Bench Dip

The first exercise of this How to Dip Workout is the Bench Dip. For this exercise, you need an elevated surface until the height of your knees, like a box, your bench, chair, or table. Lean on shoulder width on the box and walk a little bit forward until your hips are of the box. Now you can start with letting your body down until you reach a 90-degree angle in your elbows; a dip movement. Make sure to keep your legs straight. During this exercise, you will feel the triceps shoulders, and a little bit of your chest during this exercise. Keep your low arms completely straight. Try to do 10 to 15 repetitions before you move on to the next exercise.

calisthenics family workout

Exercise 2 – Assisted Band Dip

How to Dip Workout Assisted Band dips

The second exercise is the Assisted Band dip. During this exercise, we will be using Resistance Bands. However, we won’t be using the Strong Resistance Bands, but the Lighter Resistance Bands. This is simply because the thicker bands will help way too much so you won’t be able to make fast progress. Put your straight feet in the band and perform the dip while leaning a little bit forward. Also, make sure to keep your forearms straight again. Try to do 8 to 10 reps. 

Exercise 3 – Negative Dip

The third exercise of the How to Dip Workout is the Negative Dip, which is an eccentric movement. Start in the dip position and now you can do the dip movement in 5 seconds. Make sure to keep the tension from second 1 till 5. Once you get down you can stand on your feet and take some rest before the next repetition. You have to do 5 repetitions of this exercise. Once the 5 reps of seconds get too easy for you, you can move on to the normal Dip. 

How to Dip Workout Negative DIp

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Exercise 4 – Dip

The next exercise is the Regular Dip. For this exercise, you won’t be using the bands anymore, which makes you do all the core work yourself. The exercise is the same as the Negative Dips, But this time you also have to get up instead of resting on your feet once you reach the lowest point. The goal for this exercise is to do 10 to 15 repetitions before you can move on to the weighted dips. When you want to increase your dips to 25 to 30 reps, it’s better to do weighted dips than doing 20 and 25 reps over and over again. 

calisthenics dip workout

Exercise 5 – Weighted Dip

Calisthenisc dip exercise

The last level and exercise are the Weighted Dips. The Weighted Dips are really next level. First, you need to get a Dipping belt and some weights. For these dips, the same rules apply as with the other dips; Keep your legs and forearms straight and lean forward. Try to go for 4 to 8 repetitions. Once you reach this amount of reps, you can add some weights. Make sure that the weights are safely attached. 

Calisthenics How to Dip Workout

Achieve your best dips ever!

We hope that these exercises are going to help you to achieve your best weighted dips ever with as many weights as possible.

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