Best Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

The 5 best Exercises

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

Your Scapula is an underrated piece of your body and that’s why we came up with these Calisthenics Scapula Exercises. Not everyone has a strong scapula which is necessary for most Calisthenics exercises. In this Workout, we will train you to increase your Scapula Strength. Furthermore, we will also explain why the scapula is so important in Calisthenics. 

So, do you want to increase your scapula strength in order to improve all of your Calisthenics Skills? Then we recommend you to read this blog and watch the tutorial video below for more explanations!

Best Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

Exercise 1 – Scapula Push-Up

The scapula is actually your shoulder blade at the back of your shoulder, which connects your upper arm with your shoulder. The muscles surrounding the Scapula are really essential while doing Calisthenics. Because almost every movement you do involves these muscles. For example, while doing Push-ups and Pull-ups but also with the backlever, frontlever, and the planche!

The first and easiest exercise of this Calisthenics Scapula Exercises is the Scapula Push-up with your knees on the ground. In yoga, this exercise is being called the Cat to cow pose. Start in the Cow pose where you are lowering your belly towards the ground. This is when you’re retracting your scapula. From here you have to get back into the Cat pose, where you have to raise your shoulder and back as much as you can while pushing your hand into the ground. This is when you protract your scapula. Make sure that your arms are straight with your elbows locked. You should do this exercise for 8 to 12 repetitions, just like all the other exercises. 

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises Push-ups

Exercise 2 – Scapula Push-Ups with elbows and feet on the ground

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises scapula  Push-ups

The next exercise is the Scapula Push-up with your elbows and your feet on the ground. Here you have to make the same movements as with the previous exercise. So, retract the scapula at the bottom and protract the scapula at the top. Again, try to do 8 to 12 repetitions.

Exercise 3 – Full Scapula Push-Ups

The third exercise of this Calisthenics Scapula exercises is the Full Scapula Push-Ups. Put your feet on the ground, as well as your hands. With this exercise, you have to make sure that your arms are straight with your elbows locked. You don’t want to use the strength of your arms. Only your shoulders have to work during this exercise. This was the last push exercise. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions again. 

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises Full Scapula Push-Ups

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Exercise 4 – Scapula Australian Push-Up

For this exercise, you have to find a low bar on which you can put your feet on the ground or a box. Make sure that your arms are straight with your elbows locked. Only your shoulders are moving. With the Pull-ups, you have to go from a dead hang position to an active hang by retracting your scapula as much as possible. You have to move your chest to the bar as much as possible without bending your arms.

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises Australian Pull-Ups

Exercise 5 – Full Scapula Pull-Up

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

The last step of this Calisthenics Scapula Exercises is the Full Scapula Pull-Up. This one is a bit heavier than the previous exercise because you’re now lifting your entire body. You want to make the same movement here, at the bottom you want to have a full dead hang position and from there you have to retract your scapula as much as possible. Move your head to the bar while keeping your arms straight and elbows locked. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions. We are doing these exercises 4 times a week during our workouts, so try to do the same.

Calisthenics Scapula Exercises

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We hope that these exercises are going to help you to increase your scapula strength!

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