Calisthenics Stretching Routine

The 5 best exercises

Calisthenics Stretching Routine

Calisthenics Stretching Routine Exercises

Doing the right Stretching Exercises Routine before a Calisthenics Workout is very important. The chance is big that you are stiff and will or already have some pains during or after your Calisthenics Workouts. That’s probably because you don’t stretch at all, or because you’re not doing the right stretching exercises. That’s why we decided to give you the 5 best exercises of Michael’s Calisthenics Stretching Routine which he performs before every workout.

This Calisthenics Stretching Routine makes sure that you become much more flexible which results in fewer injuries and better workouts. So, do you want to get the most out of your workouts or do you want to get rid of that little pain during and after exercises, then you should definitely read this blog and watch the tutorial video down below!

The Best Calisthenics Stretching Exercises

Exercise 1 – Downward Facing Dog

The first exercise of the Calisthenics Stretching Routine is the Downward Facing Dog. This is a really good shoulder opener and a good stretch for your hamstrings and calves. The goal is to bring your heels to the ground. If this exercise is too hard for you, you can also bend your knees. At the time, alternate between your legs and hold it for another 10 seconds or longer. 

Downward Facing Dog Calisthenics Stretching Routine

Exercise 2 – Forward Fold

Forward Fold Calisthenics Stretching Exercises

The next exercise is the Forward Fold, which is really good for your hamstring flexibility. Bring your arms as high as possible and bend from your lower back with a straight back and make little pulses. Try to do 10 repetitions. Afterward, you hold the position again for another 15 seconds. You can also try to move from your left foot towards your right foot. You can also do the same stretch but with your feet close to each other to make it harder. Pull your belly in, which makes your upper body longer. Then you only have to fold forward with a straight back. Try to do 10 pulses and hold the position again for another 15 seconds. 

Exercise 3 – Little Thunderbolt

The third exercise of this Calisthenics Stretching Routine is the Little Thunderbolt. You have to bring your hands to the floor and really make sure to bring your hips forwards. Push them towards the sky and bring your body backward. Squeeze your glutes and try to hold this for 10 seconds. If you can, you can stay here, if you want to take it further you can also bring your head towards the floor with your hands behind your back.

Little Thunderbolt Calisthenics Stretching Routine

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Exercise 4 – Camel Pose

For this part of the routine, we will be focusing on our back bending flexibility. There are three different options. For the Camel Pose, you have to bring your hands towards your waistline and lift your chest up. Only bend your back from the top part of your upper body. Try to hold this for another 10 seconds as you can see in the picture. You can also take it a step further to grab your feet with your hands.

If you get more comfortable with the Camel pose you can try to do the Half-Bridge. Bring the soles of your feet to the floor just like your hands. Then you have to try to bring your hips towards the sky and your shoulders underneath your chest. You can either stay here or take it further and try the Full Bridge with your hands and head on the floor. If you can hold this for 10 to 15 seconds you can go to the last level and try to do this while extending your arms! Make sure to bring your hips as high as possible and that you keep straight arms. 

Camel Pose Calisthenics Stretching Exercises

Exercise 5 – Childs Pose

Childs Pose Calisthenics Stretching Routine

The fifth and last exercise of this Calisthenics Stretching Routine is the Childs Pose. This exercise is for shoulder opening. Bring your arms forward and your hips towards your ankles. Try to hold this position for 10 to 15 seconds. If you can do this, you can try the next step. Bring your hands even more forwards and your elbows towards the floor. If you master this, you can also try to bring your hands even more forward by bringing your chest towards the floor.

Calisthenics Stretching Routine

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