Why you should use Calisthenics Liquid Chalk

Advantages of Liquid Chalk

Advantages of Calisthenics Liquid Chalk

Calisthenics Family Liquid ChalkAre you having doubts about buying liquid Chalk for your Calisthenics exercises? Probably, the answer is yes, because otherwise, you would not read this blog. This Barmania Pro X Calisthenics Family Liquid Chalk is being used more and more by Calisthenics Athletes, but not everyone has experience with the liquid chalk yet. That’s why we made this blog about some of the advantages of Liquid Chalk. 

For us, CaliFam Liquid Chalk is really necessary during our workouts. The benefits of the chalk are so big that we rather don’t workout without the CaliFam Liquid Chalk. However, are you still having doubts about using the Chalk? Read this blog and you will be convinced by all the good advantages of the use of the Chalk. 

BMP X Calisthenics Family Liquid Chalk

Better Grip

Normally, your hands get sweaty and clammy during your workouts, which results in slippery hands on the bar what makes you lose your grip. With the Calisthenics Family Liquid Chalk on your hands, you will have more grip on all bars and parallettes. Sometimes you lose your grip during an exercise, which makes you fail and could even cause some injuries because of the fall. This happens a lot during exercises on the bar, like Pull-ups and muscle-ups. But, with the use of chalk, this will definitely belong to the past!

Liquid Chalk

”Great stuff! It doesn’t stick, gives me a good grip and it’s easy to bring with me

Joris Ten HagenGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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Faster Progression

CaliFam Liquid ChalkThe better grip on the bar and parallettes during exercises results in a lot of other advantages. For example, because you won’t easily fall off the bar anymore, you will perform all your exercises better, which makes sure that you will also make faster progression. Furthermore, the design of the Calisthenics Family Liquid Chalk makes it easy to take with you. It fits in every bag and sometimes even in your pockets. Do the Pull Workout down below with this Liquid Chalk and you will experience a much better grip! 

”Nice product! Personally, I think it’s way better than magnesium powder. It dries quickly and works very well!”

Martien PetersGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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Calisthenics Pull Workout

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We hope that you’re now convinced to start using Calisthenics Liquid Chalk! 

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