Why should you buy Wooden Parallettes?

The bigest Advantages

Why should you buy Wooden Parallettes?

Wooden Parallettes

Are you having doubts about buying Wooden Parallettes or not? You are definitely not the only one, there are a lot of different ones like plastic parallettes or wooden parallettes. This choice is especially hard if you are just new in the calisthenics community. That’s why we put the biggest advantages underneath in this blog. Read the blog now and watch the video to discover all advantages and possibilities of Parallettes Calisthenics Workouts.

Are you ready to do the coolest skills with the Calisthenics Family wooden Parallettes, just like the real Calisthenics athletes? Read this blog and watch the video beneath this blog for more inspiration and motivation! This blog will definitely convince you.

The biggest advantages of Wooden Parallettes

Train wherever and whenever you want

Once you decide to buy the Parallettes of wood, you will increase your training possibilities. Wit the Calisthenics Family Wooden Parallettes you are able to do your Calisthenics Parallettes Workout everywhere you want. For example, it is possible to Calisthenics exercises with your parallettes in your living room, but also outside. The advantage is that the Parallettes of wood is easy to bring with you. They fit into your school bag or in your luggage on a vacation. You just have to unpack the Parallettes and you are ready to perform a good Calisthenics Parallettes Workout!

Wooden Parallettes

”As soon as the parallettes arrived I knew they would be awesome. With wider handles for more grip and stability, it makes any skill a treat to practise and perform!

Joshua Hull
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Calisthenics exercises with Parallettes 

Wooden Parallettes Calisthenics Exercises

There are many Calisthenics exercises that you can implement into your Parallettes Workout once you bought Wooden Parallettes. Because of the Parallettes, your Push-Ups and Handstand will become much easier and safer to perform, just like the Tucked Planche. With parallettes it is possible to make even faster progress than you already did. You can watch the video underneath this blog for more different Calisthenics Parallettes exercises. In this video, you will find 50 Calisthenics exercises with Parallettes! 

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Why you should buy the CaliFam Parallettes?

Why should you just buy the Wooden Parallettes of Calisthenics Family and not other Parallettes? To answer this question, we can be short and powerful, because we offer the best Parallettes with the following advantages:

  • The design of the Parallettes is beautifully finished with Abachi wood.
  • The thicker grip offers more grip and prevents injuries like stresses in the wrists (eg. while doing a Handstand or Planche Training).
  • Because of the thicker grip on the parallettes you also have a bigger surface to push (This makes performing most Calisthenics exercises much easier).
  • Lastly, the Wooden Calisthenics Family Parallettes are also very lightweight.

Wooden Parallettes Calisthenics Workout

”Using these wooden parallettes for 3 weeks now. Besides the fact that they look really nice, they are useful during your workouts. They have a nice handgrip, are very stable during exercises and do not slip on any surface. So, if you are planning to use parallettes during your workout… I would definitely recommend these ones:) (Great price/quality ratio)

Richard Derks

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Parallettes Prevents Injuries

The Parallettes of wood also prevent injuries. Imagine you are doing a Calisthenics Parallettes Workout like the Handstand, by using parallettes you will notice much less stress on your wrists than when you don’t use parallettes. This is for example also applicable when you are performing other Calisthenics Parallettes Workouts like the Planche training. The prevention of the pressure on your pols is caused by the thicker and better grip off the CaliFam Wooden Parallettes.

Calisthenics Wooden Parallettes Exercises

Discover the possibilities of the Calisthenics Family Wooden Parallettes

Need some help with your Calisthenics Journey?

We hope that you are now totally convinced about our Calisthenics Family Wooden Parallettes and you will buy them to bring your Calisthenics Workouts to the next level!

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Furthermore, you should also do our Free Calisthenics Beginner Workouts. You will get a better idea about Calisthenics and you will start learning Calisthenics Skills! 

Are you, despite all the advantages, still having some doubts about Calisthenics Family or our products? Then we recommend you take a look at the reviews and transformations of members who already followed one or more of our programs!

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