Calisthenics vs Weights – What to choose?

Discover 5 important reasons to start with Calisthenics

Calisthenics or Weights – What to choose?

Are you curious about why you should choose Calisthenics or weights? Or are you interested in Calisthenics, but still lifting weights in the gym because you have some doubts about choosing Calisthenics over weightlifting? In this blog, and in the video down below, you will discover more about ‘Calisthenics or weights’.

Around 4 years ago we stopped going to the gym en started with Calisthenics in different phases. We started as beginners in our backyard, moved on to intermediate athletes, and since November 2019, we can proudly say that we opened our own Calisthenics Family Gym. With our experiences and knowledge, we help and inspire as many people as possible to start with Calisthenics.

After a long time training in the gym as well as doing Calisthenics for a couple of years (without going to the gym anymore) we thought it would be nice to show others our opinion. That’s why we share 5 important reasons whether to choose Calisthenics or weights and why you should do that as well! 

Calisthenics or Weights – 5 important reasons

Reason 1 – More challenging than weightlifting

The first and maybe most important reason is that Calisthenics is more challenging. You can do way more different exercises in comparison with weightlifting. For example, in the gym you probably start with the bicep curl; 5 years later you will still do this exercise, the only difference is that you can lift more weight. That is definitely less challenging than Calisthenics, at which you constantly learn new skills. For example, you start with push-ups and then learn wall handstand push-ups and free handstand push-ups. So, with Calisthenics there is a wide variety of exercises that you can unlock which challenge you every day to do a workout.  The challenging part was for us the main reason to choose for Calisthenics instead of weights.

Calisthenics vs Weights challenging

”Our dream was definitely not to become a pumped-up bodybuilder.”

Reason 2 – Obtaining a realistic & natural physique

calisthenics vs weights realistic physique

The second important reason is that Calisthenics makes it easier to obtain a more realistic and natural physique. For a lot of people, the main goal of weightlifting is to become as big and muscular as possible. As you can see in the picture. This was in the first place not our goal. Our goal was to get an athletic physique and a good looking body when going to the beach for example. Our dream was definitely not to become a pumped-up bodybuilder. However, if your goal is to get a muscular physique, then you should still consider Calisthenics over weightlifting. This is because a lot of people think that it is easy to obtain a lot of muscle with weightlifting in a few weeks or months. However, we experienced that it takes years to obtain a muscular physique with weightlifting.

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Reason 3 – More accessible

Another important reason, when looking at Calisthenics or weights, is that Calisthenics is way more accessible than the gym. If you choose for weightlifting, you need to have access to a gym or weights. Nevertheless, with Calisthenics you only need your body weight to train. That’s why it is also called bodyweight training. We always say: ‘’Your body is your gym’’. You can do it anywhere: at home, at the park, during vacation, etc. Of course, there is some equipment which you can use such as parallettes or gymnastic rings. The advantage is that you can just carry it with you in your bag. Moreover, Calisthenics is completely free. You don’t need any gym membership!

CAFAM parrallettes

Reason 4 – A more functional way of training

Furthermore, when considering Calisthenics or Weights we think Calisthenics is better because it’s a more functional way of training. When we started lifting weights we didn’t feel functional at all. When we started doing more flexibility routines it became better. Calisthenics really forces you to work on a bigger variety of different training styles. You have to improve your flexibility, mobility and you have to work on your joints and balance. For example, take a look at an obstacle run: a Calisthenics athlete will perform much better than a bodybuilder because a Calisthenics athlete is more functional and will be more able to climb over obstacles. We did the Strong Viking Obstacle run ourselves and experienced that Calisthenics made the obstacles much easier for us. To summarize, you can definitely take advantage of Calisthenics in your daily life!

more functional

”With Calisthenics people like to train together and everyone wants to help each other to become better”

Reason 5 – More comfortable for beginners


Last but not least, Calisthenics is a more comfortable way of training for beginners in comparison with the gym. For example, some people feel very uncomfortable to go the gym, because they don’t know which exercises to do, how to perform them or they are just insecure because they think they are too skinny or weak next to all the pumped-up guys in the gym. Next to that, weightlifting is more an individual sport while Calisthenics is more a social sport. For instance, most people train alone in the gym with headphones. With Calisthenics people like to train together and everyone wants to help each other to become better. That’s why the Calisthenics Community is getting bigger and bigger!

Calisthenics or Weights – Watch the video

Start your Calisthenics Journey today

We hope you might consider starting with Calisthenics after reading these 5 important reasons why you should choose Calisthenics or Weights. When looking back, we are so happy that we made the decision 4 years ago as it changed our lives for 100%. We definitely don’t want to give the impression that you should not go to the gym, but we hope to inspire you to try something different, maybe next to weightlifting.

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