Calisthenics Push Workout at Home

6 important exercises

Calisthenics Push Workout at Home

Gyms all over the world are closing down. Despite this, everyone has to keep on going with their good work. Don’t just stop working out because the gyms are closed, we hope to encourage you to keep working out with your own bodyweight!  Because of the circumstances, we made several workouts to do at home. This is a Calisthenics Push Workout at Home without weights. This Calisthenics push workout at home is for every level.  Are you ready for this insane Push Workout at home? Read this blog and watch the tutorial video down below! Make sure to do all the exercises twice a week. Combine this workout with the pull workout at home on our youtube channel! Keep up the good work!

6 important exercises – Calisthenics Push Workout at Home

Exercise 1 – Decline Push-Ups

The first exercise is the Decline Push-Up. With this exercise, it’s important that you put your feet on an elevated surface. Once your feet are lifted up, you just do the Push-Up movement. Try to do 8 to 12 repetitions. If this exercise from the Calisthenics Push Workout at home is too hard for you, try to do regular push-ups. Do this also for 8 to 12 repetitions.

”If this exercise is too hard for you, you can also do regular Push-ups”

Exercise 2 – Hindu Push-Ups

Calisthenics push workout at home Hindu Push-Ups

The next exercise is the Hindu Push-Up to target your shoulders. In the photo, you can see how Yannick performs this hard exercise. If this is too hard, try the regular Pike Push-Ups. These Push-Ups are easier to perform and look a lot like the normal Push-ups, but they are more targetting your shoulders.

Exercise 3 – Bench Dips

The next exercise from this Calisthenics Push Workout at Home is Bench Dips. With the Bench Dips, you’re focussing on your triceps. Put your hands on an elevated surface, like your couch. Let your body drop until it nearly hits the ground and put your feet straight forward. Keep your shoulders at a 90-degree angle at your lowest point while going down. If this one is too hard for you, you can also perform the exercise with a 90-degree angle in your knees. Do this for 8 to 12 repetitions, and also for 4 sets.

Calisthenics Push workout at home bench dips

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Exercise 4 – Bodyweight Shrugs

In this exercise, we are targeting the traps. During the bodyweight shrugs, it is important to keep your hands straight. Put your feet and hands on the ground. And go up and down with the rest of your body while the traps do all the work as shown by Yannick in the photo. Do this bodyweight exercise for 8 to 12 repetitions for 4 sets.

Calisthenics workout at home bodyweight shrugs

”Better sore than sorry!”

Exercise 5 – Tricep Extensions

Calisthenics push workout at home tricep extensions

Performing the tricep extensions involves a hard movement. Get in the Push-Up position, but this time, place your hands in front of your head. Go with your elbows towards the floor and go up again and so on. If it’s too hard, try to do tricep bar extensions. Do this exercise for 8 to 12 repetitions for 4 sets.

Exercise 6 – Push Up Hold

The last exercise of this Calisthenics Push Workout at Home is the Push-Up hold. This is a core exercise, which also targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. You just hold the lowest position from the Push-Up movement you did before. Do this for 3 sets for 15 to 30 seconds.

Calisthenics Push workout at home Push up hold

Calisthenics Push Workout at Home | Tutorial

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