Falsehoods about Calisthenics you should avoid

Check why these 5 Calisthenics Falsehoods are not true

Common Falsehoods about Calisthenics you should avoid

The internet is full of falsehoods about Calisthenics and nutrition. The online buzz sends fake fitness information and ideas that can certainly disorient the weak-hearted. However, despite the claims that exercise doesn’t work and more, some people can still achieve their fitness or Calisthenics journey naturally. Calisthenics is a term that refers to all bodyweight-only exercises. Most of Calisthenics workouts include pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and lunges.

Who can perform Calisthenics? A Calisthenics workout plan is ageless, but why? This is because these exercises range from simple to complex. So you can grow gradually from a low level to comprehensive ones. However, there are some falsehoods about Calisthenics. According to our guest blogger Thomas Nemel, you should know that a lie becomes perilous when repeated severally in a persuasive way. Read this interesting blog now! 

Check Out These 5 Popular Calisthenics Myths and Falsehoods

These common myths are clarified so that you may not fall victim. Read them and understand that you can achieve your dream weight and muscle mass with Calisthenics.

1. You must lose weight to have an athletic body (false)

The main idea behind losing weight with Calisthenics is losing excess fat, not weight. The two have different meanings, do not confuse the two. Actually, losing weight decreases everything in your body, including muscle, water, and others. However, losing fat is scaling down body padding that doesn’t contribute to your strength or physique.

Fats make you look bigger, weaker, and poor body shape. In fact, in so many cases, people gain muscle mass after starting a Calisthenics workout routine. So it’s advisable to focus on increasing muscle mass and achieving a strong body shape.

rest day calisthenics workout

”In fact, in so many cases, people gain muscle mass after starting a Calisthenics workout routine.”

2. It’s impossible to increase strength (false)

Calisthenics Workout

You should not measure the strength increase by the weight you lose or gain during Calisthenics workouts. People often say that it’s not possible to increase strength while doing workouts with your bodyweight, but that is a falsehood. Naturally, the human body isn’t built to use barbells or dumbells. Muscle development and strength increase all come down to the principle of “Progressive Overload”. When you train with your bodyweight, you have to apply a stimulus to your muscular-skeletal system to tell it to grow by adding more resistance. You can apply this very easily: make it as heavy as you want by doing more reps, or doing new and harder exercises.

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3. Calisthenics doesn’t require you taking rest days (false)

Like any exercise training, you can take a rest in a Calisthenics workout program depending on your reason. It doesn’t mean that you’ll lose the strength gained when you take a rest to heal before you switch levels. Taking enough rest allows you to perform optimally.

When you’re doing harder workouts, having more rest days gives you the power to perform the most. Since you’ll wait until you completely heal from the harsh training effect, the speed at which you change levels should be going down as you step up. However, it may not take long to heal if you incorporate the best recovery supplement in your diet program.

calisthenics rest days workout

4. Avoid eating in the evening so you don’t gain fats (false)

This is a falsehood. The misconception bases the argument that, since people sleep at night, their food will pack as fats; it is false. The process of burning fats takes place at any time, irrespective of whether you are awake or not. Storing and burning fats takes place at the same time. However, the rates of burning and storing fats matter here. If the rates of burning fats are higher than the speed of storing, you lose fat; if otherwise, fat increases.

For you to be able to avoid fat build-up, engage in a Calisthenics workout to gain muscle. Such exercises facilitate the burning of fats and lower the number of fats stored in the body. Engaging in our Calisthenics Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan to burn fat requires your devotion!

Weight Loss Program

”For you to be able to avoid fat build-up, engage in a Calisthenics workout to gain muscle.”

5. It’s impossible to build muscle mass (false)

Calisthenics Workout in the morning

Plain lies! With an effective Calisthenics workout, you can build up lots of muscle mass. Practicing high-level Calisthenics workouts is a good step to growing your mass. However, in most cases, gaining muscle mass is influenced by your genetic factors and Diet Plan. If you train using the proper and excellent guidance of experienced Calisthenics experts, you can naturally grow your mass. Research uncovers more truths about what leads to high muscle mass formation. You can start with a Calisthenics Workout Plan today if you want. Just enroll and keep going! You can do Calisthenics anywhere at any time.

Give Calisthenics a try instead of believing falsehoods

Finally, after reading this blog post, you probably have found some common misconceptions that you have believed for years. Take this advice with you, avoid blindly following or believing what other people say about Calisthenics workouts. Try a Calisthenics workout to see things by yourself as they unfold. Start one of our Calisthenics Workout Plans today, and you’ll be living proof that they work. You can easily do Calisthenics at Home with our Home Workout Program. Most people have achieved their dream strength, muscle mass, and physique through tolerance and an enjoyable and challenging way of exercising  – just go for it!

Take a look at our free Calisthenics Training Guide and we are sure that you can’t wait to start your Calisthenics Journey with us!

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Author’s bio

Thomas Nemel is a passionate copywriter and he is in love with exercising since his father taught him to love it in childhood. He has a lot of valuable experience that he would like to share with the world. Thomas’ goal is to inspire others to engage in physical activity.

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