How to do a Tucked Planche

Beginner Tutorial

How to do a Tucked Planche

Do you want to know how to do a Tucked Planche? In this blog and tutorial video, we will teach you how to go from zero to a tucked planche. Eventually, you will go from the tucked planche to a straddle planche to the final stage which is the full planche.

The muscles used in the planche are the abs, upper/lower back, shoulders, chest, and glutes. The planche is a static exercise. This means that you have to work on static hold exercises. In static exercises, you need to try to hold a certain position as long as you can. In this blog and tutorial video, we are going to start with the basics. This makes Calisthenics really accessible for beginners. We will give you a few exercises you should do to learn how to do the tucked planche. Let’s get started!

Unlock the Tucked Planche 

Tucked Plance | 5 important exercises

Exercise 1 – Tucked Hold

The first progression exercise will be the Tucked Hold. Place your hands on the ground, or on parallettes, and lift yourself up. It is very important to depress your shoulders. This means that you have to create some space between your shoulders and neck when pushing into the ground or parallettes. The next step is to tuck your knees in and push yourself up. Try to hold this position for 5 seconds in the first place. Are you able to hold the Tucked Hold for 5 seconds? Then try 10 and 15 seconds!

”Can you hold the Tucked Hold for 15 seconds? Move on to the Frog stand!”

Exercise 2 – Frog stand

frog stand tucked planche

The second Tucked Planche progression exercise is the Frog stand. Put your hands on the ground in line with your shoulders and make sure to spread your fingers out wide. Lean forward and place your elbows on the inside of your knees. Once you are in this position, push your elbows outside and get your feet off the ground. Find a stable position and try to hold the Frog stand as long as you can. Are you comfortable with this exercise? Move on to the Straight arm Frog stand!

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Exercise 3 – Straight arm Frog Stand

A more difficult variation of the Frog stand is the Straight arm Frog stand. The difference is that you perform this exercise with straight arms instead of bend arms. Besides that, you put your elbows on your knees instead of on the inside of your knees. Are you able to keep your feet a few centimeters of the ground? Give yourself a challenge and try to bring your feet up higher and hold as long as possible.

straight arm frog stand tucked planche

Exercise 4 – Tucked Planche Pulses

Now it’s time for a dynamic exercise instead of a static exercise. As you might know, dynamic exercises involve constant movement. In this exercise, we are going to do some small pulses. The idea is to move from a Tucked Hold to a Tucked Planche Hold and back. It is important to keep your feet off the ground. Once you can do between 5-10 repetitions you can move on to the Tucked Planche.

       tucked planche pulses progression   tucked planche progression exercise

”After successfully performing the exercises above, it’s time for the Tucked Planche Hold.”

Exercise 5 – Tucked Planche Hold

tucked planche hold

It is very important to make sure you protract your scapula to round your back. First of all, push your hands into the ground or parallettes, check if your arms are straight, and start walking forward. Bring your knees as close as possible to your chest and keep in mind to protract your scapula. Make sure to not straighten your legs, but to keep your legs bent. Now it’s time to lift your feet from the ground and lean forward. Try to hold this position as long as possible!

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We hope that the 5 exercises mentioned above give an answer to the question”: ‘How to do the Tucked Planche?‘ The exercises will definitely help you to build the foundations of your straight arm strength in order to move forward to even more difficult skills. Before moving on to those difficult exercises, it is very important to control the basis in the first place!

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