How to do the frogstand to handstand

The most effective exercises to do the frogstand to handstand

How to do the Frogstand to Handstand

Do you want to know how to do the frogstand to handstand? In this blog, we will give you the most effective Calisthenics exercises to easily learn the frogstand to handstand. It may look very difficult, but it is much easier than it looks like. The most important thing before learning this skill is to make sure you have some strength in your shoulders and a bit of coordination in your shoulders and core. Are you not able to do the handstand yet? No problem! This blog, and the tutorial video which you can find down below, focus on the dynamic movement itself and the technique to go from the frogstand to handstand.

How to frogstand to handstand – 5 important exercises

Exercise 1 – The frogstand

Of course, it will be much easier if you can master the frogstand itself before you start learning how to do the frogstand to handstand. First, we will give you instructions about how to perform the frogstand:

  • Place your hands on the floor and spread your fingers wide. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders.
  • Bring your knees on the outside of your elbows, bent your elbows, look towards the floor, and raise your feet off the ground.
  • Try to keep the balance for around 20 seconds. Is this too much for you? Try to do 4 sets of 5 seconds and give yourself some rest in between.
  • Watch the video down below in which Michael shows you the exercise.

Frogstand to handstand exercise 1

”Can you do the frogstand for 20 seconds? Then you can move on to the next exercise!”

Exercise 2 – Frogstand dynamics

As the frogstand to handstand is a dynamic exercise, it is important to do some dynamic exercises. A dynamic exercise is any exercise that involves joint movement. Let’s move on with frogstand dynamics:

  • Start in the frogstand position.
  • Try to move with your elbows from bent arms to straight arms.
  • Try to do 3 or 4 sets of each 4 to 6 repetitions.
  • Watch the video down below in which Michael shows you the exercise.

Once you master this exercise, you can move on to exercise 3!

Exercise 3 – Frogstand Press-ups

For this exercise, you will need some explosive strength and you will learn the first steps to go from the frogstand to handstand. This exercise focusses on releasing the knees form the elbows:

  • Start in the frogstand position.
  • Try to bring your body more up in the air by releasing your knees from your elbows.
  • Create a momentum in which you ‘jump in’ your elbows and immediately press up. Keep the speed when you are pressing up.
  • Try to do 10 sets of each 1 repetition.
  • Watch the video down below in which Michael shows you the exercise.

how to do frogstand to handstand 3

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Exercise 4 – Frogstand to hips above shoulders

The next step is to lift your body further up with your hips above your shoulders:

  • Jump into your frogstand while pressing into the handstand position.
  • Focus on straightening out your arms when pressing up.
  • First, try to do 1 repetition. Are you more comfortable with this exercise? Try to do 5 sets of 2 to 3 repetitions and keep focusing on a good form and technique.
  • Watch the video down below in which Michael shows you the exercise.

Are you ready to take it a step further and move towards the frogstand to a handstand position? Let’s move on to exercise 5.

how to do frogstand to handstand

”It is very important to focus on the explosive movement which you make when pressing up”

Exercise 5 – Frogstand to handstand + falling over

frogstand to handstand

This exercise is the same as exercise 4, but during this exercise, you will try to do a full handstand by totally straighten your legs. It is very important to focus on the explosive movement which you make when pressing up. Therefore, it is not very important to make a good handstand. You can just fall over and try again. It is more important to learn how to go from the frogstand to handstand first, instead of making your handstand perfect. This is because when the technique of your movement is not optimal, it will be much more difficult to perform a good handstand.

However, do you also want to know how to learn the handstand in an effective way, without making any beginner mistakes? Take a look at one of our handstand tutorial videos/blogs and improve your handstand with our optimal grip parrallettes.

Make the frogstand to handstand less heavy with resistance bands

Do you notice that you don’t have enough strength to press yourself up from the frogstand to handstand? No problem. The exercises mentioned before could be pretty hard for beginners. Therefore you can make it yourself easier by using resistance bands. Check the tutorial video down below to watch more exercises about how to do the frogstand to handstand with the help of a resistance band. A resistance band helps you a lot by learning the technique. It is also very helpful for keeping your balance. Good luck!

frogstand to handstand with help

How to Frogstand to Handstand | Tutorial Video

Learn more about Calisthenics

We hope this blog and the tutorial video helps you to learn this calisthenics skill. We wish you good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

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