How to handstand

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How to Handstand for Beginners


Everyone knows this Calisthenics Skill, the handstand. But, not everyone knows how to learn the handstand best and many people are scared to do the handstand. That’s why we decided to create a How to handstand for beginners tutorial. So, do you struggle with the handstand? Then take a look at this blog and the tutorial video down below.

For this Handstand Routine for Beginners, you need a wall, a softbox or a pillow, and a matt. This Handstand Routine for beginners will take 10 minutes and also focuses on the core, shoulders, and shoulder mobility because these aspects are the most important for the handstand. Between each exercise, you can take 30 seconds of rest. Are you ready to learn how you can perform the best handstand? 

Best Handstand progression exercises

Exercise 1 – Cat to Couch

The first How to Handstand for beginners exercise is Cat to Couch. This is a Shoulder mobility exercise. Press into the floor with straight arms. Go down and keep looking forward. Make sure you press as hard as you can into the ground. The exercise is very good to warm up your shoulders. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

How to Handstand for beginners cat to couch

”Make sure you press as hard as you can into the ground.”

Exercise 2 – Hollow Body Hold

How to handstand for beginners hollow body hold

The next exercise is the Hollow Body hold. This exercise is good for your core and we will be using a box to make it more easy and convenient. Straighten out your legs and arms. If it’s too hard you can also tuck in your knees, but make sure you have contact with the ground during the whole exercise. Focus on using your glutes and core. Aim for 1 minute in this position.

Exercise 3 – Pike Stand

In this exercise, we are going to focus on shoulder strength. Stand on your toes and lean forward with your hands on the floor. Try to keep your scapula protracted, but don’t retract, Make sure you really press into the floor. If this is too easy for you, you can also lean a little bit more forward. Aim for 1 minute in this position.

Handstand beginner tutorial exercises

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Exercise 4 – Downward Facing Dog

For the fourth exercise of this how to handstand for beginners tutorial we will be performing the Downward Facing Dog. This is also a good exercise for your shoulders. Make sure to stand on your heels and look towards your knees. From here, really try to open up your shoulders. Maybe get some movement in if you can do this. You can also Bend your legs and knees. Try to do the exercise for 1 minute. 

Handstand exercises for beginners

”Struggles are no stop signs, they are guidelines.”

Exercise 5 – Superman Hold

How to handstand superman hold

For the fifth exercise, we focus on the lower back. This is basically the same as the hollow body hold but reversed. Bring your arms and feet straightened in the air and hold the position for 1 minute. Also, make sure to watch your breathing. If this is too hard, you can also bring your arms towards your body and hold it from here. 

Exercise 6 – Handstand Kick up

The next exercise of this how to handstand for beginners is the handstand kick up. This exercise will be done on the wall for 1 minute. Every time you kick up, you also want to stand for 5 seconds. start in a spread position, keep your hands a hand distance apart from the wall and jump into a handstand with straight arms. This is really good to make your body comfortable with the movement. Also, make sure that you press when you come up.

How to Handstand kick up

Exercise 7 – Childs Pose

How to Handstand Childs pose

For the next exercise, we will be doing the child pose for shoulder mobility. Bring your knees backward and your glutes towards your feet. Straighten your arms and bring your elbows towards the floor. Try to open up your shoulders, you will also feel this in your lads. Holds this position for 30 seconds and watch your breathing. It’s also possible to bring your hands more forward to create more stretch. 

Exercise 8 – Plank Hold

For the next exercise, we will be focussing on the core again by doing a plank hold. This is also a good exercise to get good balance and control over your body. Make sure that you keep your scapula protracted and that you don’t hang. Squeeze your glutes together. Perform this elbow plank for one minute. If this is too easy for you, you can also perform the exercise with only one leg on the ground and the other one in the air. Make sure that you’re legs are straight.

How to handstand plank hold

Exercise 9 – Wall Handstand

Calisthenics Family

For the last exercise of this how to handstand for beginners, we will be doing a Full Wall handstand for 1 minute. Let’s get back into the straight position and jump into the handstand. Keep straight arms and again press as hard as you can into the floor, don’t bend your arms. Make sure to squeeze your glutes, activate your core and point your toes. If you prefer, you can also use Parallettes. This will be less painful in your wrists. Hold the wall handstand for 1 minute.  

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