How to Increase Push ups

5 Best Tips

How to increase Push-Ups

How to increase push-Ups

In this blog, you will learn How to increase Push-Ups. The Push-Up is one of the most basic exercises in Calisthenics, but also an important one. We received a lot of questions about how you can increase your Push-Ups. We also came from zero and had to increase our Push-Ups. Because of all the questions, we decided to help you with this blog and tutorial video.

In this blog, you will find the 5 best methods about how you can increase your Push-ups very fast. Are you familiar with the problems mentioned before and do you want to increase your Push-Ups? Then don’t hesitate and read this blog and watch the tutorial video down below!

5 best Tips on How to Increase your Push-ups

Tip 1 – Do as many reps as possible 

The first tip is that you should do as many push-ups as possible in a row. Try to do this multiple times a day and in the end, you will maybe be able to do more than 100 Push-Ups in a row! For a good Push-Up, you have to place your hands right under your shoulders and make sure to spread your fingers so you get more stability. Now you can try to do as many push-ups as possible. This is also the way how Michael increased his Push-Ups.

How to Increase Push-ups

Tip 2 – Weighted Push-Ups

how to increase push-ups weighted Push-Ups

The second tip of this How to Increase Push-ups blog is to do weighted Push-Ups. This is very important to increase the strength in your chest. For example, when you can do 20 push-ups with 15kg extra weight, then bodyweight push-ups will automatically get much easier. Make sure to have a training buddy with you who can help with putting the heavyweights on your back. Aim for 20 repetitions of the Weighted Push-ups and make sure to watch your breath.

Tip 3 – Straight Arm Planks

The third exercise to increase your Push-ups is the straight arm plank. This one is also very important. For example, while you want to do 100 push-ups, your core will collapse instead of your chest. That’s why it’s really important to increase the strength of your core in a push-up position. Get into a push-up plank position and try to hold the position as long as possible. aim to hold this for 3 to 4 minutes. Once you achieve 3 minutes with your own body weight, you can add weights on your back to make it easier. Hold this position for at least one minute.

how to increase push ups straight arm plank

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Tip 4 – Scapula Push-Ups

Within this exercise, the strength in your scapula will increase. Put your arm straightened on the ground and just retract and protract your scapula. Try to create a hollow back (cat pose). Furthermore, it’s also smart to buy Parallettes. The Parallettes make sure that there will be less pressure on your wrists which decreases the chance of injuries. The parallettes are also suitable for many other exercises like the Straddled Planche. Aim for 6 repetitions with a good form! 

increase your push ups scapula push-ups

Tip 5 – Get Lean!

before after Michael how to increase push-ups

The last tip of the how to increase push-ups blog is that you have to get lean! This is very simple; If you weigh less than normal, you also have to push less weight, which makes it easier. So if you try to reach the 100 push-ups in one time, make sure that you are lean during your try and for example not in your bulk. Do you want to get lean? Check out our Weight Loss Workout & Diet plan and you will lose weight with our help! If you keep these 5 tips in mind during your workouts, you will increase your push-ups within no time!

How to Increase Push-ups | Video

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We hope that these exercises are going to help you to increase your Push-Up!

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