Do this everyday to speed up Muscle Recovery

Discover 4 essential habits

Do this everyday to speed up Muscle Recovery

Are you often dealing with muscle soreness after your workouts and do you want to speed up your muscle recovery? In this blog and the tutorial video down below we will tell you how you can speed up muscle recovery easily. We created this blog because this topic was highly requested by our customers who follow our programs. We can imagine that it is very annoying when you start a program enthusiastically but at the same time suffer from muscle soreness in your daily life. Especially if you have a high-intensity job or if you want to train multiple times a week but you’re still sore from the day before. That’s why we would like to help you with a few tips which you can easily incorporate into your daily life to stimulate muscle recovery. 

4 essential habits to speed up Muscle Recovery

Habit 1 – Stretching

Stretching your muscles after your Calisthenics workout is very important for muscle recovery. It does not have to be right after your workout, as long as you do it before you go to sleep. Why is this so important? Because your muscles are under a lot of tension during exercise. This causes your muscles to be really tight after your workout. When you stretch after your workout you will lengthen your muscle fibers, which will release the tightness in your muscles. If you had a push workout, you should stretch your chest, shoulders, and triceps. If you had a pull workout, you should stretch your back and biceps. We will give a few example stretches which you can do after your workout.

Muscle Recovery for your chest

  • Stand at arm’s distance next to a wall;
  • put your hand, a little above shoulder height, against the wall;
  • keep your arm as straight as possible;
  • turn with your body in the opposite direction;
  • hold this position for about 45 seconds;
  • do the same with the other arm.

chest stretch muscle recovery

”If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will notice that every movement you make becomes easier.”

Muscle Recovery for your shoulders

shoulder stretch muscle recovery

  • Stand up straight;
  • grab your hands behind your back;
  • bend 90 degrees forward while keeping your legs straight;
  • put your arms up as far as possible (will be around 90 degrees as well);
  • hold this position for about 45 seconds.

Muscle Recovery for your back

  • Stand up straight;
  • stretch out your arm above your head;
  • grab one of your wrists with the other hand;
  • pull sideways without bending your arm;
  • hold this position for about 45 seconds;
  • do the same with your other arm.

muscle recovery calisthenics

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Habit 2 – Diet

When it comes to your diet your protein intake is very important for muscle recovery. Because protein is a building block for your muscles. Without protein, your muscle won’t be able to grow and recover properly. The recommended amount of protein you should consume a day is 1,5 gram per kg. So if you weigh 80kg you should eat at least 1,5 x 80 = 120g of protein a day. It also matters what kind of protein you eat. Because protein consists of many different amino acids. So we advise you to eat a variety of protein sources such as chicken, fish, nuts, and beans. Furthermore, vitamins and minerals are very important as well. We recommended 500g of vegetables a day. Are you struggling with your diet? We can help you with a Personal 8-week Meal Plan. This Meal Plan will be based on your specific goals and personal circumstances.

Personal meal plan muscle recovery

”If you don’t get enough sleep your body won’t produce as much testosterone and growth hormones as you need.”

Habit 3 – Sleep

sleep muscle recovery

Besides nutrition, sleep is also a big factor for muscle recovery and muscle growth. Sleep enhances muscle recovery through protein synthesis and the release of human growth hormone. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body won’t produce as much testosterone and growth hormones as you need. To fully recover from your workout you should try to get in between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. So, do you have soreness in your muscles or do you want to increase muscle mass? Be kind to your body and go to bed early!

Habit 4 – Massage

Massage has a lot of benefits for muscle recovery because it stimulates the blood flow. This way all nutrition will flow to your muscles. Did you know that a workout actually damages your muscle fibers?  Therefore you have to repair your muscles. Lactic acid is produced in your muscles and build-up during workouts. It can lead to painful, sore muscles. Lactic acid build-up due to exercise is usually temporary and doesn’t cause a lot of concern. However, it can affect your workouts by causing discomfort. Massage will cause your muscles to release this lactic acid. There are a couple of ways to massage your muscles. You could go to a professional or someone else who can help you. You can also do it by yourself by rubbing with your thumbs or however you like it. As long as you keep the pressure on it. We will show you more ways to massage yourself down below.

massage for muscle recovery

Muscle recovery with a tennis ball or foam roller

By using a tennis ball or foam roller you can reach deeper inside your muscles because you can put more pressure on it with your weight. Another benefit is that you can massage the muscles which you can’t reach yourself, e.g. your back. So, how to recover your muscles with a tennis ball? Put the ball against the wall or on the ground. Stand against it or lay down on it. Now move around on the ball. It might hurt a little but it won’t cause any injuries. For the foam roller, the same applies: lay down on it on the muscle you want to massage and roll back and forth. Good luck with these relaxing muscle recovery exercises!

tennis ball massage for backtennis ball massage for armfoam roller massage

Muscle recovery with a massage gun

You might have seen the massage gun already because it’s been very popular lately. The massage gun works with really fast pulses that go deep into your muscles with a lot of power. You can adjust the speed to your preference. Besides that,  you can use different attachments depending on the muscle group you want to massage. We use the massage gun regularly and benefit a lot from it. It is definitely recommended! Check out the video down below to see Michael performing the stretches and massage methods!

massage gun for muscle recovery

Speed up Muscle Recovery | Video

Build more muscles with Calisthenics

These are the 4 main habits you should incorporate in your daily life to speed up muscle recovery. Hopefully, this will help you to get rid of the soreness after having a nice workout! Please let us know, if you have any questions about a specific topic, we would like to help you and make a video about this.

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