Why you need these best Resistance Bands

Advantages of CaliFam Resistance Bands

Advantages of the best Resistance Bands

CaliFam Resistance bands exercises

Resistance Bands are a must for everyone who practices a sport. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even a pro, you will have a lot of benefits with the Best Resistance Bands. Despite that, there are still many people with doubts about buying the Bands, otherwise, you probably weren’t reading this. That’s why we came up with a couple of the best advantages of doing a workout and exercises with Resistance bands.

There are a lot of possibilities once you have a pack of the Bands. for example that you can use them in a lot of your exercises and workouts. Furthermore, the bands are also very valuable for Calisthenics Athletes and for their progression exercises. So do you have any doubts about buying a set of the best bands? Read this blog and you will definitely be convinced by the good advantages!

Calisthenics Family Resistance Bands


Faster Progression

The Best Resistance Bands of Calisthenics Family make sure that you will be able to make even faster progress than you already did. Once you decided you will buy and use the Resistance Bands, it is guaranteed that your basics exercises like the Pull-up and the dip will progress fast. This is not only with these Band exercises but also with the Human Flag, Frontlever, and the Planche.

Set Resistance bands Human Flag

”I bought the Strong 3-pack Resistance Bands which provide a heavy resistance. These are very helpful when training for the muscle-up and adding resistance for other moves. Quality is very good and I received them within 2 days. Overall an awesome product!

Luuk ten HorstGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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Easy to take with you

CaliFam Resistance bands bagResistance Bands are also very easy to take with you because they are so small. With weights like dumbells and kettlebells, this is of course much harder to do. With the Bands of Calisthenics Family, you even get a little back as you can see in the picture below! This makes it perfect to bring the bands with you on a holiday or outside where you can do your Resistance Band workout!

Different Resistance Band Packages

The Resistance Bands are available in different kinds, colours and measures. So, if you decide to buy the bands, you have to take a closer look at which one you need. For example, there are Light Resistance Bands, these are a set of 3 and help you at a minimum level with exercises like the Pull-Up and they give a minimum Resistance while doing a Bicep Curl. The opposite is the Strong Resistance Bands, These give you the maximum resistance while doing the Bicep Curl, and are helping you the most when you do a Pull-Up. Good to know is that Calisthenics Family also sells a complete set. This means that you can buy 1 set in which consists of 5 bands: Strong as well as Light Bands in one package

CaliFam Set Resistance Bands Strong WorkoutCalisthenics Family Light Resistance Bands CaliFam 5-pack Best Resistance Bands Workout (Full package)

”I won the full package during the LIVE sessions of the Calisthenics Basics Course. I have been training with it for over 2 months and the quality is great! Strong bands, nice design, and a handy bag that is included. Thanks again!

Jos de Boer
Google Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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Variety of Exercises = More Challenging

Lastly, there is a lot possible if you decide to buy the best Bands. The possibilities of the Bands have already been mentioned before, like while learning the Tuck Planche. However, there is much more possible than that. It’s also possible to train your biceps and triceps! To get an idea of how the bands can help you during exercises, you can see a video below in which we show you how you can learn the Human Flag as a beginner with the help of the Bands.


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Learn the Human Flag with the best Resistance Bands

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This is the end of the informative blog! Don’t forget to also do some stretching exercises before and after your workouts! This will speed up your muscle recovery. 

Maybe you are also interested in one of our workout programs like the Full Journey, this program exists of different step-for-step workout routines for beginners and also for intermediate people. Definitely check it out! 

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