Human Flag Progression exercises

Step by Step Beginner Guide

How to Human Flag – Progression exercises

Calisthenics involves a lot of sick skills which look really hard and almost impossible to master. Calisthenics skills do indeed look really hard, and many people think that they are not capable of performing the exercises. This is not true, most of the time it’s easier than it looks when you just practice enough Calisthenics! This is also the reason why we decided to make a How to Human Flag blog and video with the best Human Flag Progression exercises in it.

Do you want to learn how you can do the perfect Human Flag or are you still struggling with some of the movements from this Calisthenics skill? In this blog, we offer you a complete guide from beginner exercises to more advanced exercises to unlock the Human Flag. Are you ready to perform your best Human Flag ever? Read this blog and watch the tutorial video down below!

7 Best Human Flag progression exercises

Progression exercise 1 – Wall Walks

The first Human Flag progression exercise is the Swedish Wall Walk. For this exercise, you of course need a Swedish wall. Grab the bar with your bottom arm and push yourself away. With your upper arm, you have to pull. make sure to rotate your shoulders inwards. Take one step to the front and walk with your feet all the way up until you are upside down in the end position. You want to be comfortable in this position. A good check for yourself is that you have to be comfortable talking to someone else while performing the exercise. Make sure that you keep your lower arm straight, the one you push with. Your upper arm can be bend, that’s the one with which you have to pull.

Human Flag Progression exercises Wall Walks

”A good check for yourself is that you have to be comfortable talking to someone else while performing the exercise.”

Progression exercise 2 – Assisted Tucked Flag

Human Flag progression exercises assisted tucked flag

The next progression exercise is the Assisted Tucked Flag. Lift your feet off the bar and clench your elbows with your knees while being upside down. Walk up again, get your feet off the wall and clench your elbow. Make sure that the arm underneath you is straight. The upper arm can be bend. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 seconds and get comfortable with it, so make sure you don’t rush. 

Progression exercise 3 – Tucked Human Flag

In this Human Flag progression exercise, we are going to do the Tucked Human Flag. Start in the same position as in exercise 2. Lower yourself slowly to just get stronger in the Human Flag movement. You have to walk up again to get in the starting position and lower yourself down. Try to do the exercise for 5 reps of 5 seconds. Take good rest between each set. Let’s move on to exercise 4!

Human Flag progression exercises Tucked Human Flag

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Exercise 4 – Tucked Human Flag  Hold

Now we are at the fourth progressions exercise of this how to do the Human Flag tutorial. Here we are going to try to hold the Human Flag. Start in the same position again and try to hold the horizontal position when you are going down. Walk up again and try to keep your knees as close to your chest as possible and let yourself slowly drop. Try to get comfortable in this position and hold this exercise for 10 to 15 seconds. 

tucked human flag hold human flag progression exercises

”Life is too short to be scared to fail!”

Exercise 5 – One Legged Human Flag

One Legged Human Flag progression exercises

For the fifth Human Flag Progression Exercise, you start in the tucked position and straighten out one leg. The other leg stays close to your chest. lower yourself slowly down until you get into the hold position. First, try to do the excentric movement of the one-legged Human Flag for 5 reps of 5 seconds. If you are comfortable with this you can move on to the next progression exercise.

Exercise 6 – Straddled Human Flag

The next progression exercise is the Straddled Human Flag. Right now we are getting really close to the Full Human Flag. Start in the tucked position again, spread your legs and lower down eccentrically. Then you have to do the hold just as in the previous human flag progression exercises. For this exercise, it’s extra important that you brace your core because you bring your legs further away from the bar and your body. Start with 5 reps of 5 seconds. 

Straddled Human Flag Progression exercises

Exercise 7 – Full Human Flag

Human Flag progression exercises Full Human Flag

The last progression exercise is the Full Human Flag. For this, we recommend you optimize your grip with the High-Quality Pro-Grip Liquid Chalk. Going from straddled to a Full Human Flag is the hardest progression exercise and takes a lot of time. The most important is that you stay safe and don’t get injured. Do a lot of eccentrics and additional core exercises in order to hold the Human Flag better.

Put your lower arm in a straight position on the bar. Your upper arm goes also on the bar. Start in a tucked position again and straighten your legs. Do the eccentric motion first and then try to hold it. Two other additional exercises which strengthen your shoulders and core for the Human Flag are the hanging human flag on a pull-up bar and the side planks. You can find the side planks in the blog about our 10 Minutes Abs workout. Make sure to hold the exercises as long as possible to get stronger! 

Human Flag Progression Exercises

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