Why should you follow a plant-based diet?

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Why should you follow a plant-based diet?

Last years, we have changed our diet into a plant-based Calisthenics Diet during our Calisthenics journey. Especially when we focus on weight loss, we prefer a vegan diet. Nowadays we are used to the vegan approach: We barely eat meat and try to eat plant-based as much as possible. We have done some research on this particular topic which we would like to share with you. We also like to share our opinions about a plant-based diet and our own experiences with a plant-based Calisthenics Diet. In this blog and in the video below, we’ll give you the top 3 reasons why you should follow a vegan diet as a Calisthenics athlete. Enjoy reading!

3 reasons why you should follow a plant-based diet  | Calisthenics Family

Reason 1 – Health

The governments and meat industries tell us that we need meat to be healthy. In fact, the truth is the complete opposite. There are countless plant-based or vegan-based alternatives that are comparable to meat, or even much healthier than meat. You may have already researched the consequences of eating meat or the benefits of a vegan Calisthenics diet. We researched all of this and came to shocking facts:

  • Consuming meat increases obesity, cancer and heart disease worldwide. This is because meat contains a lot of saturated fat, which causes cardiovascular disease
  • The diseases mentioned above are the number 1 causes of death worldwide.
  • By eating less or no meat at all, you reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • 80% of all antibiotics are fed to animals worldwide. By eating meat you not only get a lot of saturated fat, but also a dose of unwanted medication that is also very unhealthy.

We know that there are many discussions about the need for (animal) proteins for muscle recovery and muscle growth. To get a clear answer to this discussion, we need to do more research. Either way, by eating meat, the average person gets twice as much protein as needed. In addition, we found no negative influences on our muscles since we changed from a diet with meat to a plant-based diet.


”The production and consumption of meat is the number one cause of deforestation: every second an area of ​​about 7 football fields is bulldozed. ”

Reason 2 – The environment

plant based diet plan calisthenics

You may have heard that the production and consumption of meat has many worrying effects on the environment. We also did some research ourselves. The impact of eating meat on the environment only shocks us even more.

  • The production and consumption of meat is the number one cause of deforestation: every second an area of ​​about 7 football fields is bulldozed.
  • The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is also contributing to the loss of 137 species of animals and plants every day…

Reason 3 – The poor animals 

It is widely known on a global scale that most of the animals are treated in a horrible way and are literally used, or maybe you can better say abused, for producing food for human purposes. The following facts are also a good reason to consider a vegan diet:

  • A cow can reach the age of 20 years. However, the average dairy cow becomes 5 or 6 years old. Why? Because when a cow does not produce enough milk anymore to be financially profitable the cow will be transported to the slaughterhouse. Moreover, in most countries, worldwide animals won’t be treated nicely in slaughterhouses.
  • Chickens have an average living space of a standard piece of paper (A4 format) which is again completely insane if you ask us! Besides that, you can imagine that those chickens produce a lot of stress. These stress hormones will also be in their meat which you are consuming with your meal.

plant based diet plan calisthenics

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Discover the benefits from a plant-based diet & Calisthenics 

Of course, there are way more health, environment, and animal purposes for which you should stop eating meat. The purposes are countless. However, we hope the facts mentioned above gave you a better view of the impact of the meat industry when looking at your own health, the environment, and the animals. The vegan approach is still a learning process for us and we are still experimenting with this whole plant based diet. However, we already noticed a lot of benefits by choosing a vegan diet. Watch the end of the video down below and discover which (physical and mental) benefits we experience by following a plant based diet as Calisthenics athletes!

Looking at the shocking facts mentioned above and the experiences we have with a vegan diet, we are very satisfied with our choice and we hope we inspired you to consider a plant based diet as well. Just think about it!

”Following a vegan diet really helped us losing so much weight and obtaining the best and most shredded physique as possible”

Losing weight with a plant-based diet & Calisthenics

plant based diet plan calisthenics
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Vegan diet & Calisthenics – watch the video

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Plant-based diet & Calisthenics Family

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