Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney

Can you beat us?

Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney

You may know Stan Browney; our fellow Dutch Calisthenics Youtuber and Calisthenics Athlete. Stan Browney challenged us to do some of the most insane hard push-ups challenges. Are you curious about how we did the Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney? Did we fail or did we make it? We can tell you, some of them even hurt and the last one was a lot of fun! For a written explanation of the exercises, you can read this blog. Otherwise, just watch the video now!

Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney

The crazy challenges with Stan Browney

Challenge 1 – The Magic Push-Up

The first challenge is the Magic Push-Up. For this exercise, we use a broom. While performing the Push-Up movement, one side of the broom is free in the air, being controlled by your hand, and the other side of the broom rests on an elevated surface.

Push up challenges with stan browney magic push ups

Challenge 2 – The Brick Push-Up

Push up challenges with stan browney brick push ups

The next challenge is the Brick Push-Up. To perform the challenge, you need 3 bricks. Do the Push-Up movement with the three bricks against each other in the air, with one side of the lowest brick on the ground. Keep pressing the bricks against each other and try to not let the bricks fall down. 

Challenge 3 – The Stairway Push-Up

For the third part of this Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney, we will be doing the Stairway Push-up. In this challenge, we will be using the three bricks again, but this time you have to make a stairway of the three bricks as you can see in the photo. Try to do Push-Ups, but we warn you, this one really hurts. 

push up challenges with stan browney stairway pushups

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Challenge 4 – The Sweater Switch

In the last challenge of this Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney, we will be doing the Sweater Switch together. To perform this exercise you need a training buddy. Hang together with your training buddy on a bar. You have to try to put off your sweater and give it to your training buddy. Afterwards, your training buddy has to put the sweater on while keep hanging on the bar. Believe us, this is a fun one!

Push up challenges with stan browney sweater switch

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