Straddle Planche exercises

Step by Step Tutorial

Straddle Planche exercises 

Do you want to unlock the Straddle Planche? Then you are at the right place! We received a lot of questions about how to achieve the Straddle Planche. That’s why we decided to make a beginner tutorial about the most effective Straddle Planche Exercises. Are you having troubles with the straddle planche or do you just want to learn this Calisthenics skill? We will help you to learn this skill, also if you’re just a beginner in calisthenics!

After reading this blog and watching our tutorial video you will know exactly how to perform the Straddle Planche exercises. With the right training methods, you can make faster progress than you might think. In this blog and video, we offer you a complete step-by-step training guide: All progression exercises that are necessary to unlock this Calisthenics skill are included. Are you ready to master your Stradlle Planche exercises? Check out this blog and watch the tutorial video down below!

5 most important Straddle Planche exercises

Exercise 1 – Planche Lean

The first progression movement of the straddle planche exercises is the Planche Lean for the straight arm and scapula strength:

  • place your hands on parallettes;
  • keep your body straight;
  • lean forward and make sure to point your biceps forward;
  • protract your scapula;
  • if you want to make it harder, make sure to lean more forward;
  • hold the Planche lean for at least 15 seconds with the right technique;
  • once your hands are in line with your hips, your form is correct and you’re ready to progress. 

straddle planche exercises planche lean

”Once your hands are in line with your hips, your form is correct and you’re ready to progress.”

Exercise 2 – Pseudo Push-Ups 

straddle planche exercises pseudo push ups

The next progression exercise is Pseudo Push-up. Pseudo Push-ups are different from regular push-ups. With Pseudo Push-Ups you lean forward and make a push-up. Make sure to protract your scapula all the way, this is the biggest mistake people make. Are you able to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions? Move on to the next exercise.

Exercise 3 – Tucked Planche

In this part of the straddle planche exercises, we are going to do the Tucked Planche. When doing the tucked planche make sure that your arms are always straight. With keeping your arms straight make sure that your elbows are rotated inwards. And once again, protract your scapula. The goal is to hold this exercise for 15 to 20 seconds. Once you achieve this goal, you can move on to the next exercise.

Straddle planche exercises tucked planche

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Exercise 4 – Frog Planche

In this progression exercise, we focus on the Frog Planche. A very important thing in this part of the straddle planche exercises is to keep your arms straight as always and rotate your elbows inwards. Besides that, this is also the first exercise in which you’re learning how to open up your hips. The biggest difference with the previous exercise is that you’re bringing your knees further away from your body which will make it harder. Aim for a hold of at least 15 to 20 seconds before you move on to the next exercise. Try to work with sets, so for example 3 sets of 8 to 12 seconds per set.


straddle planche exercises frog planche

”Try to work with sets, so for example 3 sets of 8 to 12 seconds per set.”

Exercise 5 – Assisted Straddle Planche

straddle planche exercises assisted tucked planche

The fifth progression exercise to achieve the Straddle Planche is the assisted Straddle Planche. For this exercise, you need to use Resistance Bands. This is the most important one of all these Straddle Planche exercises. 

  • Put your parallettes in a direct line with the bar;
  • place the resistance band in line with your hips;
  • lean backward and open up your hips with your feet outwards;
  • Start to lean and keep your arms straight with your biceps forwards;
  • Once you’re leaning forward you will notice that your legs will rise;
  • Make sure that your glutes are activated and that your feet are spread during the movement;
  • Try to hold the assisted straddle planche for 15 seconds because we are working on the technique, which is the most important part of the Straddle Planche. 
  • If you notice that your straddle planche is not working with a lighter resistance band you can also take a thicker resistance band.

Once you are comfortable with the assisted straddle planche, you can try to do the straddle planche without resistance bands. 

How to Straddle Planche

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We hope that these Straddle Planche exercises are going to help you to unlock The Straddle Planche! 

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