Tuck Planche Progression Exercises

5 best progression exercises

Tuck Planche progression exercises 

Do you want to unlock the Tuck Planche? Don’t search any longer, because you found the right teachers! We received a lot of messages about how to achieve the Tuck Planche. That’s why we decided to make a 5 steps tutorial about the most effective Tuck Planche progression exercises. Are you having troubles with the tuck planche or do you just want to learn this Calisthenics skill as a beginner? We will help you to learn this skill, also if you’re just new in the calisthenics community!

After watching our tutorial video and reading this blog, you will know exactly how to perform the Tuck Planche exercises. You will find a complete step-by-step training guide: All progression exercises that are necessary to unlock the Tuck Planche are included. We also have a blog about how you can do the Straddle Planche, you should definitely check that one out too! Are you ready to become a real calisthenics athlete and to do the Tuck Planche progression exercises? Make sure to read this blog and watch the tutorial video on this page!

5 most important Tuck Planche progression exercises

Exercise 1 – Tucked Planche

For the first Tuck Planche progression exercise, we will do the Tucked Planche for which you need a pair of high-quality parallettes. You have to make sure that you bring your arms forward, so your elbows forward. Make sure to keep straight arms and tuck your knees in. Make yourself as tiny as possible. Before performing this exercise you could also do some flexibility work by laying on the ground and grabbing your knees for 30 seconds. Hold the Tucked Planche with straight arms and your scapula protracted. Try to hold this position for 10 seconds and perform 4 sets. Once you can hold the tucked planche for 30 seconds, you can move on to the second exercise.

Tuck Planche progression Tucked Planche

”Once you can hold the tucked planche for 30 seconds, you can move on to the second exercise.”

Exercise 2 – Tucked L-sit

Tuck Planche progression Tucked L-sit

The next progression exercise is necessary to increase your total hold time. We will take a step back with the intensity of the exercise, but the duration (volume) will be higher. The exercise is called the tucked L-sit. It’s basically the same movement but you don’t have to lean that much forward anymore which decreases the pressure on your shoulders. The tucked l-sit is also with your elbows facing forwards and straight arms. Make sure to protract and elevate your scapula. Try to tuck your knees in and hold the position 5 sets of 15 seconds.

Exercise 3 – Planche Lean

In this part of the tuck planche progression exercises, we are going to do the Planche Lean. With this exercise, it’s important to increase your leaning strength. Place your hands on the floor and keep straight arms. Make sure to protract your scapula and lean as much forward as you can with a nice rounded upper back. Posterior your pelvic and hold the position for 30 seconds. Perform 3 sets of the exercise and watch your form, which is really important with this exercise. 

Tuck planche progression lean planche

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Exercise 4 – Straight Arm Plank

In this tuck planche progression exercise, we focus on the Straight Arm Planche by using an elevation. A very important thing is that you perform the exercise with pointed toes, a protracted scapula, and a rounded upper back. Also, make sure again that your elbows are facing forward. Hold this position for the first time as long as you can. Aim for example for 50, 60 seconds, or even more! Really squeeze your glutes and posterior your pelvic tilt. The goal is to do 4 sets of at least 45 seconds.


Straight arm plank Tuck planche progression

”It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Exercise 5 – Elbow Plank

tuck planche progression elbow plank

The fifth and last tuck planche progression exercise is the elbow plank. This is again an easier regression of the exercises before. This exercise also enables you to work on your straight arm strength and scapula strength, which both are really important for the tuck planche. For the elbow plank, it’s also very important that you protract your scapula, point your toes, and posterior your pelvic tilt again. In the first set, you have to discover how many seconds you can hold the elbow plank. Try to do 4 sets of at least 40 seconds. For optimal results of this tuck planch progression routine, you should do this workout routine 3 times per week. 

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We hope that these Tuck Planche exercises are going to help you to unlock this Calisthenics skill! 

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