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Want to start Calisthenics without beginner mistakes with our free workouts?

Free Calisthenics beginner workouts

The best Calisthenics beginner workouts
Suitable for every level
Become stronger and create muscle
Learn awesome skills step by step 
9 Skill and 8 Strength exercises
Prevent beginner mistakes
30+ Instructional videos

100.000+ Free Workout downloads 
Discover what your body & mind is capable of through movements

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Reviews Beginner Full Journey Program

The free downloadable workouts are part of our Beginner Full Journey Program. 

Bogdan Manta

”What a great set of programs. I really did not expect this level of quality and richness of content, use of the English language, or general structure of the Full Journey program…”

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Reegan Nabrotzky - Transformation Back

”I followed the Full Journey and the Home Workout Plan. I have made significant improvements to all of my skills, these guys have been there willing to help and answer questions all along the way and have solid programs…”

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Wout Lingier - Front

”I followed the Full Journey aboard motor tanker Alex during the 12-week Challenge. We are now on our way from Korea to Dubai. This program was perfect for me to get stronger without a lot of material and learn cool skills at the same time.”

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Transformatie Calisthenics
Berry Verkleij

“I started doing calisthenics after the gyms shut down in December 2020. It was really another experience compared to lifting weights. The first month came along with a lot of muscle soreness. I focussed on learning the ropes of calisthenics…”

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Anyone can start with Calisthenics!

Do you want to enjoy your workouts and become strong and muscular at the same time by training with your own body weight? That’s what Calisthenics is all about! But where to start? 

We can imagine that it could be scary to start with Calisthenics. You might think that:

You will never be able to do Calisthenics.
❌ You are too weak for Calisthenics.
❌ People will look weird at you.

This is exactly what we ALSO thought when we started with Calisthenics. But after 10+ years of experience and coaching thousands of beginners, we are 100% sure that you can start Calisthenics as well!

Do you want to learn the most important exercises? Then try these 2 effective workouts from our proven Training Method for free.

We already made 100.000+ people happy with our free beginner workouts!


You can learn these awesome Calisthenics Skills 

calisthenics e-book skill calisthenics e-book skill calisthenics e-book skill


These people already started…

Review Petr Vostárek Calisthenics Family Full Journey
Petr Vostárek

”Great, humble guys, their Full Journey Program really helps me achieve my calisthenics goals such as building muscles and getting skills as well, good job boys, definitely recommend :)…”

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Review Wytze Ottema Calisthenics Basics Cursus Calisthenics Family
Wytze Ottema

Very motivating and professional team, if you have questions you will quickly receive a clear explanation and they are really there for you. The instructional videos are really very clear. There is something for every level. From beginner to advanced athlete.

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Ready to become stronger and love your workouts?

Free Calisthenics beginner workouts

Don’t make the same mistake as 70% of people by just starting somewhere or thinking that you are not strong enough. 

Make fast progress and avoid injuries with this effective Calisthenics Beginner Routine. Get stronger and learn the best beginner exercises of different Calisthenics skills such as the Handstand and Human Flag. 

Download these Workouts now for free and make the impossible possible! 

9 skill exercises and 8 strength exercises
Follow easily – 30+ Instructional videos
Suitable for everyone

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Google Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

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Transformation Calisthenics
Transformatie Calisthenics
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