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Calisthenics Bundle BASIC 

Kickstart your Calisthenics Journey with our Full Journey Plan, 3-Pack Resistance Bands, Rings, Unlimited Support, and more!

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Calisthenics Bundle PRO

Get EVERYTHING you need to achieve your Calisthenics goals with our Full Journey Plan, 5-Pack Resistance Bands, Rings, Parallettes, Unlimited Support, and more!

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The Full Journey Calisthenics Plan

Learn all Calisthenics Skills with our Long-term 4-Course Workout Bundle. 

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Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan

Get Fit From Home Without Training Equipment.

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Weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan

Achieve Your Dream Body by Losing Weight Fast.

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Work Together with Your Personal Coach

3 Months Online Calisthenics Coaching

Achieve your goals with 1-on-1 guidance with your Certified Calisthenics Coach. Let’s go ALL IN together!

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Your Certified Calisthenics Coach
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Custom Workout Plan
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Sander (Full Journey)

Transformatie Calisthenics Family Sander Black Friday Week

In This workout plan, you really learn to build something from zero. Everyone can start with this program, even if you can’t even do 1 push-up or pull-up. Because of this program, I really made some steps forward, but I’m not yet where i want to be. Yannick and Michael are always available for questions, they help you very fast. These boys are also motivating me every time with their cool videos and nice challenges.

Rob (Full Journey)

Rob - Transformation Front Black Friday Week Calisthenics Family

I just love that there are people who can explain everything perfectly to you and show all exercises on videos! You don’t have to invent it yourself. Of course, all kinds of exercises can also be found online, but it’s so great that it has already been sorted out: you can get started right away! I think the coolest thing is that you get a body that is just nicely in proportion. No pumped-up parts, but athletic all the way. That is the best.

Ruben (Full Journey)

Transformatie Ruben Kruijs Black Friday Week Calisthenics Family

It’s the first time I’m really following a program and I’m glad I went for yours. It’s a very clear and easy-to-follow program that has many smaller goals to work towards so the goals do not seem unreachable. The logbook is very motivating as well, it always pushes you to set a new personal record. It’s nice to see how much I progressed last period. I’ve also noticed that the exercises also really helped me get a better posture in general.

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Google Calisthenics Family

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