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Why you should eat superfoods every day

Why you should eat (these 15) superfoods every day Chia seed, flaxseed, hemp seed, coconut oil, acai, ginger, maca, turmeric, and much more: these are all superfoods. We are big fans of superfoods and in our opinion, everyone should eat superfoods every day. In our previous blogs, we have discussed proteins, creatine, and vitamins and…

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The Importance of Vitamins, Minerals, Glucosamine, Omega-3 and BCAA Supplements

The Importance of Vitamins, Minerals, Glucosamine, Omega-3 and BCAA Supplements Vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, Omega-3, and BCAAs (supplements) are essential for the body’s healthy functioning. They play a major role in maintaining healthy skin, muscles, bones, teeth, the immune system, optimizing energy levels, supporting mental health, good eyes vision, and many more functions. In addition to…

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Creatine gebruik Myprotein

How creatine works and its benefits for Calisthenics

How creatine works and its benefits for Calisthenics  Do you want to achieve the best sports performance and are you curious whether the use of a creatine supplement can help you achieve your Calisthenics goals or other sports goals? Then discover in this blog: What is creatine? What is the effect of creatine? The benefits…

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Eiwitpoeder en eiwitrepen Myprotein

The importance of proteins and our best Myprotein recommendations

The importance of proteins + our best protein powder recommendations of Myprotein We know that many people find it difficult to add enough protein to their diet, but eating enough protein is very important. So, make sure to discover now: Why proteins are extremely important How to easily add high-quality proteins to your diet Explanation…

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Calisthenics Workout

Falsehoods about Calisthenics You Should Avoid

Common Falsehoods about Calisthenics you should avoid The internet is full of falsehoods about Calisthenics and nutrition. The online buzz sends fake fitness information and ideas that can certainly disorient the weak-hearted. However, despite the claims that exercise doesn’t work and more, some people can still achieve their fitness or Calisthenics journey naturally. Calisthenics is…

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