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Do you want to master the basics of Bodyweight Training 100%, avoid beginner mistakes, and make super-fast progress for the rest of your Calisthenics Journey? 

Calisthenics Basics Course Bodyweight Training

In general
✔️ All knowledge and tools in one digital platform
✔️ Start Calisthenics safe and effective
✔️ Take the Calisthenics Basics Plan anywhere with you
✔️ Theoretical part and practical part for optimal results

✔️ All basic exercises and movement patterns of Calisthenics
✔️ Everything about technique and proper form in detail
✔️ Learn different pro- and regressions (levels) from each exercise
✔️ 20+ theoretical videos about Calisthenics and training principles
✔️ 10+ common beginner mistakes and how to avoid them
✔️ 150+ quiz questions and a theory exam to test your knowledge
✔️ An official Calisthenics Family Certificate

✔️ Clear Workout Plan: 100% adjustable at any level.
✔️ Long-term Workout Plan for 3 months to 1+ year.
✔️ 70+ high-quality instructional videos.
✔️ 3 different Full Body Workouts.
✔️ 8 exercises per Full Body Workout.
✔️ 3 training levels per exercise.
✔️ 3 logs: interactive, digital, or on paper.
✔️ Discover which training routine gives you the most optimal results!

Calisthenics Basics Course Bodyweight Training

Transformations Calisthenics Basics PlanGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

Basics Course & Full Journey May 11, 2021
Rob - Transformation Front

”Hereby proudly the photos of the 12-weeks New Year Challenge. If you want a good body (also works fine after your 40th birthday), you want to train at your own time, enjoy outside (or inside) and still want someone who just provides you with…”

Joel Vink
Full Journey & Basics Course October 5, 2021
Transformatie Calisthenics

“Currently I already enjoyed 12 weeks of the Full Journey Plan and I liked it a lot! The program is divided into 4 levels: novice, intermediate, advanced and professional. When you reached a target number of reps/seconds of a certain exercise,…”

Jules Appeldoorn
Calisthenics Basics Course November 17, 2020
Transformation Calisthenics Family

”Calisthenics has completely changed my life. I never had the energy or motivation to exercise, but this has changed because of the challenge and energy I get from this sport every day.”

Niels Polak
Multiple programs May 1, 2020
edit before after

”In the past 3.5 months, I have followed the 30-Days Weight Loss Plan and Home Workout Plan of Calisthenics Family! I am proud of myself and I am very motivated to continue with this!…”

Joël Vink (video)
Calisthenics Basics Course May 11, 2021
Joel Vink Transfo

”At first, I hesitated to purchase the course, but that was really not necessary. This course has been worth my money anyway. I am now at a point at which I never dared to dream that I would be here. I will definitely consider…”

Learn bodyweight training step by step

Do you want to enjoy your workouts and become strong at the same time? That’s what Calisthenics is all about! But where to start?

We also asked ourselves this question when we started Calisthenics. You might not believe it, but you don’t have to be fit or muscular to start. You just have to start the right way…

We started in our backyard
We improvised a Calisthenics rack in our backyard and started with the Basics. Looking back, we would have loved it to have a clear Plan that allowed us to learn the Basics stepwise. That’s why we created this Basics Plan to provide you with all the knowledge and tools in one clear platform!

More than 4500+ people already started their Calisthenics Journey with us. Starting with Calisthenics was the best decision of our lives and we are sure it will be the best decision of your life as well!

Reviews Calisthenics Basics Plan
220+ Google reviewsGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight TrainingRefresh this page and you’ll see new reviews each time!

Review Joseph Haslam Calisthenics Basics Course Calisthenics Family
Joseph Haslam

”Only been doing the Calisthenics Basics Course a week, but really enjoying it and excited about it all. The program layout is really easy to understand too and soooo many videos to help with all the exercises. Would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start an adventure on Calisthenics…”

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Review Ashley Leat Calisthenics Basics Course Calisthenics Family
Ashley Leat

”I have just started looking at Calisthenics. Over the last ten years, I have lost fitness and core strength. Callisthenics looks like the perfect way for me to regain my core strength. The way the Calisthenics Family Basics Course shows you how to get started, master the…”

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Who are we?

Calisthenics Basics Course Bodyweight Training

• Gym owners

• Certified Calisthenics Trainers (by COI)

• Personal Trainers at Calisthenics Family Gym

• +10 years Fitness & Calisthenics experience

• +5 years of international coaching experience

• YouTubers 125.000+ subscribers

• Official Myprotein athletes

• 200.000+ people helped with our Free Downloads

• 4500+ members helped with their Calisthenics Journey

Start your Calisthenics Journey today!

Calisthenics Basics Course Bodyweight Training

✅ All knowledge and tools in one platform
✅ Suitable for every level
✅ Long-term Workout Plan (+1 year)
✅ 6 chapters with very detailed info

✅ 90+ instructional & theoretical videos
✅ 150+ quiz questions and a theory exam
✅ Coaching of certified Calisthenics trainers
✅ Official Calisthenics Family certificate

✅ Access to our exclusive community
✅ Lifelong access incl. updates
✅ 30-day success guarantee
✅ And much more …


all-in-1 Plan: 125€96€

Pay once. Lifetime access. 
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No results? Get your money back!

Calisthenics Basics Course - Bodyweight Workout Plan
After all the positive stories that we get from our clients, we are 100% sure that this course and workout plan will guarantee results. If you follow the Calisthenics Basics Course consistently, you will definitely achieve your goals. That’s why we give you the opportunity to try this course risk-free for 30 full days after your purchase. If you still find yourself not getting any results after 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund! Read our Return Policy in our Terms & Conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The aim of the Plan is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the basic principles of Calisthenics and Bodyweight training (training with your own body weight). In recent years we have noticed that most beginners lack the necessary knowledge about various basic exercises and the correct form, technique, and execution.

We’ve also seen that most people want to move forward too quickly when the basics aren’t there yet, which ultimately leads to frustration, less progress, and injuries. We want to prevent this by providing you all the necessary knowledge so that you can start with Calisthenics in a safe, responsible, and effective way.

  • You understand all the basic exercises and know how to perform them with the correct form and technique.
  • You know exactly how to adjust the difficulty of each exercise with different progressions and regressions. In this way, you can make the exercise easier or more difficult.
  • You avoid beginner mistakes and understand the important aspects of each exercise which will improve your progress and reduce the risk of pain and injuries.
  • You know how to use training equipment and different tools such as resistance bands so that you can use them safely and effectively during your workouts.
  • You understand how to apply the Workout Plan effectively and you will discover which training routine gives you the most optimal results.
  • You understand how to challenge yourself with logs by tracking your progress. You will love exercising because it will be fun and challenging.
  • You will create muscle mass, get stronger, and lose unnecessary body fat in a safe way and at your own level.
  • After completing the theory exam you will receive an official CALIFAM Certificate which proves your knowledge about Calisthenics.

We understand it could be a big step for you … But don’t worry: Calisthenics is suitable for everyone: total beginners, advanced, men, women, old and young. Thanks to the clear instructional videos, step-by-step training methods, and personal coaching, Calisthenics is accessible for every level.

The fact that you train with your own body weight makes it a very safe, responsible, and accessible way to exercise at almost any age and level. Didn’t you exercise before, but do you want to get fitter? That’s no problem at all. You don’t need to be able to do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, or similar exercises before starting with the Calisthenics Basics Course.

You will succeed without a doubt. Do you need help during your Calisthenics Journey? No worries! We are always ready to help you as you can read in the next question.

If you start with Calisthenics Basics, coaching is included. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals. How does it work?

  • Your email address will be added to our exclusive member list. This means that we answer your questions within 48 hours on working days. Questions can be about anything, eg: specific exercises, replacement exercises for injuries, training routines, etc.
  • Send us videos of specific exercises you are performing. We give you personal feedback. In this way, you make faster progress because you can improve your technique immediately.

Sure! Some people think that it is not possible to build a lot of muscle mass by exercising with your own body weight, but that is completely wrong! You can build muscle mass with Calisthenics and create an athletic body. We have been doing Calisthenics for many years (and no more weightlifting) and are still muscular. Right😉?

The program consists of 3 Full Body Workouts. We recommend you to train 3 times a week with approximately 48 hours of rest. Would you rather train more or less? No problem! You have the freedom to follow the course at your own pace. You can keep track of your progress with the logs.

Definitely! With the Basics Plan, you will learn everything about the correct technique and form, down to the smallest details, but you will also learn a lot about Calisthenics itself and the movement patterns in general. After completing this course, you will make faster progress with your Calisthenics Journey as you will recognize common mistakes and learn how to follow a workout routine effectively.

In addition, the Workout Plan of the Basics Course is focused on building strength and muscle mass which will make you stronger in general. This allows you to perform Calisthenics Skills a lot better.

The Calisthenics Basics Plan is a course platform where you get access to all the knowledge and tools to learn how to apply the basic exercises of Calisthenics in a safe and effective way. The Full Journey focuses more on learning Calisthenics Skills such as the Handstand and Human Flag. You will find the basic exercises of the Calisthenics Basics Plan also in all our other programs such as the Full Journey.

In order to make faster progress with the skills and to reduce the risk of injuries, it is advisable to first master the basics 100%. With the Basics Course, you will learn everything about the technique and execution of these exercises in detail.

Do you already have the Full Journey or another Workout Plan? Then it is definitely worth the investment to take your training level and knowledge to a higher level by starting with Calisthenics Basics!

Absolutely. You only pay once and after your purchase you have unlimited access. Don’t you have time due to circumstances? No problem. You have the freedom to follow the course at your own pace. You decide how much time you take. In this way, you can take it easy when necessary or do more workouts when you are ready for it.

Don’t you have access to a gym or Calisthenics park? Then you will need the following equipment:

  • A pull-up bar. You can buy one that you can hang on the door.
  • Parallel bars or a set of rings for doing dips. You can also do this on a sofa or chair in the beginning.
  • Resistance bands (to make the exercises easier). We will have our own CALIFAM Resistance Bands in our webshop soon.
  • A table, couch, box, parallettes, or other things which you can use to make the exercises easier or more challenging for yourself. We will explain to you how to use them 😉.

Are you not able to pay everything at once? Send an e-mail to Then we will discuss the options with you.

Reviews Calisthenics Basics Plan
220+ Google reviewsGoogle Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

Review Gavin Carlile Calisthenics Family Calisthenics Basics Course
Gavin Carlile

”All the information in the Calisthenics Basics Course is very clear, easy to follow and understand and their enthusiasm is contagious, definitely 5 stars…”

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Review Simeon Moore Calisthenics Basics Course & Full Journey
Simeon Moore

I bought The Full Journey Program, the Calisthenics Family parallettes and the Calisthenics Basics Course. Both programs are awesome when looking to get into calisthenics for the first time or even progress…

Read more

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