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Calisthenics Basics Course

Release & pre-sale December 13th
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✅ All basic exercises of Calisthenics/bodyweight training and its different important movement patterns.

✅ The most important key points about the technique, proper form, and correct execution of every exercise in detail, all supported through 70+ follow-along videos.

✅ 10+ biggest mistakes that beginners make with all basics exercises and how to avoid them.

✅ All different progressions and regressions from each basic exercise so you always know how to take a step back or how to take it to the next level.

✅ How you can get started with Calisthenics in a safe, responsible, and effective way.

✅ What training routine works best for optimal performance and how to use the attached Workout Plan.

✅ Test your knowledge with more than 150 quiz questions and a theory exam!


✅ Workout Plan adaptable to any training level.

✅ Long-term Plan for 3 months to 1+ year.

✅ Follow the course easily via mobile or desktop.

✅ Extensive warm-up.

✅ 3 different Full-Body Workouts.

✅ 8 different exercises per Full-Body Workout.

✅ 3 different training levels per exercise (various progressions and regressions).

✅ Choice of 3 different logs: interactive, digital & paper.

✅ 70+ instructional videos of all basic exercises and its important movement patterns.

✅ 20+ theoretical videos about Calisthenics and training principles.

✅ 150+ quiz questions and a theory exam to test your knowledge.

✅ Official Calisthenics Family Certificate that proves your knowledge about the Calisthenics Basics!

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December 13th 

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The aim of this course is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge about the basics of bodyweight training. In the past few years, we have noticed that most beginners lack the required knowledge about various basic exercises and its proper form, technique, and execution.

We also notice that many people want to move forward too quickly while the basics are not yet in place, which ultimately leads to frustration, setbacks, and injuries. We want to prevent this. That is why we split each exercise into different pro- and regressions and explained them in very detail in this course.

The course is therefore suitable for everyone: man, woman, beginner, advanced, young & old. It doesn’t matter!

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