Calisthenics Classes

The calisthenics classes are given by both Michael & Yannick

During the classes we work on all different aspects of calisthenics. We will work on calisthenics skills such as the handstand, the backlever, the frontlever, the human flag &  the planche. Next to that we also work on bodyweight strength exercises such as the muscle up, the handstand push-up, the L-sit to Handstand or other push & pull movements. Next to that we always train the core and do basic exercises!

Personal guidance is what you can expect during the training session! So if you need any tips about your form or technique, this training is perfect and doesn’t cost you too much!

Planning: Upcoming Calisthenics Classes

  • Wo 06 / 02 – Muscle Up & Handstand Class 1 (mini-course)
  • Wo 13 / 02 – Muscle Up & Handstand Class 2 (mini-course)
  • Wo 20 / 02 – Muscle Up & Handstand Class 3 (mini-course)
  • Wo 27 / 02 – Muscle Up & Handstand Class 4 (mini-course)

Note: Above you find the focus of the workout. However, this doesn’t mean we only work on that particular skill / exercise. All workouts include additional and very important exercises for example: push ups, pull ups & core exercises!

Class Requirements & Levels

For this training you need to be able to do:

  • 3 pull ups
  • 10 push ups
  • 45 seconds plank

The requirements are very low. This means almost everyone can join: Men & Women!  During the sessions we always start with the basics and work up to harder exercises. Once it gets to hard for you, you can just stay at your own level. With each exercise Michael & Yannick always explain multiple levels so everyone can join!

Time & Location

Time: Every Wednesday from 20:30 till 22:00
Most workouts are built up like this:
– Warm up 15 min
– Skill practise 30 min
– Strength work 30 min
– Core / Finisher 15 min

Location: Crossfit Nijmegen
Adres: Nieuwe Mollenhutseweg 52, 6533 HJ Nijmegen|
Room for 20 people


Bas Kesselaar
Group Training February 7, 2019
bas kesselaar

“I learned how to transition my strength from my gym workouts to bodyweight strength. I can now do Muscle ups, backlevers and more bodyweight skills..”

Carly van Amstel
Group Training November 8, 2018

“They helped me to start off my Calisthenics Journey. I made new friends and found more joy in my life..”

Selim Berntsen
Group Training September 12, 2018
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-07 at 11.09.43

I’m following calisthenics family’s classes since the beginning of 2018.  I managed to do my first Muscle up!

Axel Hekkelman
Group Training July 29, 2018
WhatsApp Image 2018-10-18 at 11.48.42

“Every week I felt getting stronger and stronger because of the classes, the first time I managed to do a muscle up is something I’ll never forget…”

Your Trainers

Yannick Calisthenics Family

Yannick Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Applied Mathematics, Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  • 7 years fitness experience (2 years Calisthenics)
  • Graphic Designer and Videographer

At the age of 15 I started lifting weights in the gym. I have always been fascinated about human strength. During that time I have been focusing more on strength building rather than bodybuilding. After a few years of training like this I noticed that I gained a lot of strength but I wasn’t flexible at all. I wanted to actually do something with the strength that I gained instead of just lifting weights. That’s where Calisthenics came in and it literally changed my life. During the last 2 years of calisthenics training I really got passionate about this sport! That is why I want to share the beauty of this sport and help people out with their own journey.

Michael Calisthenics Family

Michael Woerdman

  • Certified Calisthenics Trainer
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Education: Graduated in Business Administration, HAN University of Applied Sciences
  • 5 years fitness experience (2 years Calisthenics)
  • Board Member of the Dutch Calisthenics Federation
  • National Champion Strict Form Push-Ups

I’m Michael and my greatest passion is to help people out to achieve their dreams. I have always known that I wanted to work with people by giving them real support and guidance. I truly believe that every person can realize their goals, but only with the right tools, hard effort and good support. Calisthenics has changed my life and my mission is to change yours as well! I did not only gain a better body or learned some cool skills, but I actually got more confident and happier in life by living a healthier and enjoyable lifestyle. The process of moving forward together gives me so much joy and energy in life that it became an addiction to me. So, are you ready to change your life? Let me help you out!

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