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✅ The Calisthenics Home Workout Plan

This is the Ultimate Home Workout Plan to stay or get fit from your own house! As the title says: You don’t need any training equipment to follow this program. So no pull-up bars, no push-up bars, no resistance bands and not even extra weights! This is because you will train with your own bodyweight. During this program  you will mostly use the floor and also the standard furniture that is present in every house.

You might think: How can I train all different muscle groups? Well, as calisthenics experts we have many solutions and experiences in this. It is definitely possible to train without equipment! Actually, by being creative with space and different exercises, it is more than possible and also very challenging to train with your own bodyweight without materials and external weights!

✅ 4 Different Home Workout Plans

The Home Workout Plan consists of 4 different training routines. So it is not just one training routine that you are forced to do, but it consists of different routines that suit best to your personal goals and training habits. We can imagine that everyone has different needs. One person likes to train a few times a week to stay fit and strong, while the other person prefers to train every day to achieve the fastest results. This is why this Home Workout Plan is perfect for everyone! It consists of the next 4 different routines:

  • 3 times per week Full Body Routine
  • 4 times per  week Upper/Lower Routine
  • 5 times per  week Split Routine
  • 6 times per week Push/Pull/Legs Routine

Are you curious about which routine is best for you? Read the clear descriptions in the Home Workout Plan and find out! By giving you the option to choose different routines everyone can do this Home Workout Plan at his or her own level. So actually, this entire plan is not just one program, but an entire training package!

✅ The 3 secret tips to get shredded

Since training at home is slightly different than training outside or in the gym, we will give you the most important tips to maximize your progress when using this Home Workout Plan. We have trained a lot at home and we still do that regularly. In fact, it all started in our bedroom and in the backyard. Discover our 3 most important tips in this Home Workout Plan to achieve the fastest results!

✅ Instructional videos

Every exercise comes with a video that shows you how you should do the exercise. So, for example, we show you how to use your chair, table, or couch to perform the exercise. This will help you to perform the exercises with correct form and technique. The instructional videos mainly focus on:

  • Implementation of basic exercises such as the push-up, pull-up or dip
  • The technique of skills such as the handstand or muscle-up
  • Special exercises for the abdominal muscles such as different plank variations, L-sits, and hollow body holds

✅ Exercise Logbooks for optimal results

With every single routine, you will receive an exercise logbook. This is a very helpful tool that will help you to make faster progress. The advantage is that you can easily update your results whenever you want so you know exactly what your current level is. Challenge yourself and try to beat your records during your next workout! The following logbooks are included:

  • Logbook 3x Full Body Routine
  • Logbook 4x Upper/Lower Routine
  • Logbook 5x Split Routine
  • Logbook 6x Push/Pull/Legs Routine

✅ We will support you 24/7

Are you looking for professional help so you can obtain the best results you possibly can achieve? We will guide you through your transformation and make sure you understand everything! The following support is included in this Home Workout Plan:

✔ Priority mailing list
We will add you to our priority mailing list. Because of this, you can achieve the fastest results as we will answer your questions within 48 hours on working days. Go for the ultimate progress during your calisthenics journey.

✔ Send videos and receive the best tips
If you wish to get feedback on your form or technique with a specific exercise you can send us videos. We will give you valuable tips so you will be doing all the exercises correctly from the beginning.

✅ No Results? Get Your Money Back!

We are 100% sure that this Home Workout Plan will guarantee results if the program is properly followed for a consecutive period of time. Therefore we give you the opportunity to try this plan risk-free for 30 full days. Do you think, for whatever reason, that you did not get any results after 30 days? Then you will receive a 100% refund!*

*Read our refund policy and simply message us at info@calisthenics-family.com to claim your refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Home Workout Plan (FAQ'S)

Yes, you have lifelong access to the program. One of the best things about our digital programs is that you can follow your program from virtually anywhere, whenever you want. Once you enroll in a course, you’ll have access for life. Do you not have time due to circumstances? No problem! Continue with the program at a later time. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. So you determine how much time you take for each part. This way you can work more intensively when you are ready for it or just take it easy when necessary.

But there is more. we innovate our programs when necessary. Do we give the program an update? Then you will receive the updated program! This way you can work with the program forever.

The program is consists of 4 different training routines ranging from 3 to 6 days per week.  So it does not consist out of one training routine that you are forced to do, but it consists of different routines that suit best to your personal goals and training habits.

The minimum age would be 14 y/o.  The maximum age would be 65 y/0. We have many clients from a young age but also an older age. The fact that you’ll train with your own bodyweight makes this program really safe and accessible at almost any age.

Yes, you certainly can. This program gives you options on how many days you want to train per week. So if you have other sports that you also do (e.g. soccer, boxing, crossfit, bootcamp, gym, etc.) you can just do your own training sessions in between the workouts of this program.

Do you want to start your Calisthenics Journey seriously without any mistakes from the very beginning? And do you have access to training equipment such as a pull-up bar, dip bar, or gymnastic rings? Then challenge yourself and buy the Ultimate Full Journey Calisthenics Workout Plan!

This 4-Course Workout Package consists of 4 different courses of 8 to 12 weeks each. So with this extensive workout schedule, you can work towards your goals for at least a whole year! You start with the basics and work towards superhuman strength by learning insane skills. Do you have training equipment? Then it is definitely worth discovering whether The Full Journey Program is interesting for you!

Yes, you definitely will! People often say that it’s not possible to build muscle while training with your bodyweight only, but that is completely wrong. Naturally, the human body isn’t built to move barbells or dumbells around. Muscle development and strength increase all come down to the principle of “Progressive Overload”. When you train with your body, you have to apply a stimulus to your muscular-skeletal system to tell it to grow by adding more resistance. This is easy to apply with bodyweight training because you can make it as heavy as you want by doing more reps, or doing new and harder exercises.

Yes and here is why: Did you ever notice that all Calisthenics athletes are always lean and aesthetic?

This is because, with Calisthenics training, you burn a lot of fat in comparison with other sports. Most of the Calisthenics moves are compound exercises. That means that several muscle groups have to work together. Therefore, your body will burn more calories as fuel for the muscles.

However, for a program that focusses on Fat loss, we recommend checking out our 30-day Fatburn Program.

This program is literally for everyone: beginner, advanced, men or women, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the exercises are all performed with your own body weight. This means that the difficulty of the exercises can always be adjusted, for example by doing the exercise on the knees or changing the angle of the body. So just to be clear these are the requirements:

  • 0 Push-Ups, Dips or Pull-ups 
  • 0 Squats, lunges or pistol squats 
  • 0 sec plank, hollow hold & situps or knee raises

If you already have some training experience for example from the gym, then this program is still very challenging!

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Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan

Calisthenics at Home Workout Plan by Calisthenics Family.png

  • 4-Course Bundle of each 8 weeks
  • Accessible at any level
  • 3, 4, 5, or, 6-day workouts per week
  • Choose your own training routine
  • Instructional video’s for each exercise
  • No training equipment needed
  • Train whenever & wherever you want
  • One-time payment. That’s it!
  • Lifelong access including updates
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • Support from certified Cali trainers
  • 30-day success guarantee
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-No Equipment Needed-

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