Our Workout Programs

Our Calisthenics Workout programs

The Calisthenics workout programs that we offer are split up in 3 different programs.

Our 30 Day Fat Burn Program is a program with a personal diet plan that focusses 100% on losing bodyfat. The program is for everybody at any level and will challenge you to lose as much bodyfat is possible within 30-days … Are you ready to make the transformation of your life?
The Full Journey Program is a long-term program where you will learn everything from scratch to become a master of your own body weight. This workout program has no requirements and will take you from your current level to an advanced Calisthenics athlete.
The Beginner Calisthenics Workout Program is the first stage of the Full Journey Program.  During this program you will work on the foundations of calisthenics to prepare yourself for the “next level” You can sign up for this program and see if calisthenics is something for you!

Our Custom Workout Programs/Plans

Next to our Calisthenics workout programs we also offer custom workout programs and mealplans. Either the workout program as the meal plan will be fully designed based on your personal goals.  So if you just want to start with bodyweight training in general to get fitter or if you want to learn a specific calisthenics skill, Then the Custom Program is perfect for you. If you want to loose weight, get lean, add muscle mass or gain weight, but don’t know what and how much you should eat…We can help you out with a personalized meal plan so you can reach your physical goals!

Free Calisthenics Training Guide

We receive a lot of questions on Instagram about this sport and we want to help as many people as we possibly can. Therefore we wrote an unique document with all the valuable information that you can use if you want to get started or if you want more in depth information about calisthenics training.
This is the ultimate guide to start and progress without any beginner mistakes. Don’t waste your time, read this guide and train smart!

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