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Review Jon Olav Aase Calisthenics Full Journey Calisthenics Family
Jon Olav Aase

”The “Full Journey Package” is easy to understand. The philosophy and the exercises. Youtube videos explaining the exercises, is really easy to follow and it’s easy to implement them into your training. I’m really looking forward to finishing the program and…”

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Review Frederik | Calisthenics Family | Full Journey

”I started the Full Journey during the Transformation Challenge. Due to a shoulder injury, I have struggled so I’m not really where I want to be. However, I have reduced my weight by 3kg and the waist by 6cm so there is some change😉.”

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edit before after
Niels Polak

”In the past 3.5 months, I have followed the 30-Days Weight Loss Plan and Home Workout Plan of Calisthenics Family! I am proud of myself and I am very motivated to continue with this!…”

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Review Ursula Küken | Calisthenics Family Beginners Program
Ursula Küken

Hey guys! I already did the 4 pieces of training for the Calisthenics Beginner Program and I love it! I’m not a coach myself, but I think it’s well organized. I have trouble with the handstand because I already had problems with that exercise as a child. But I’ll try to get that going.

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