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Google Calisthenics Family Course Bodyweight Training

Richard Derks

“Using these wooden parallettes for 3 weeks now. Besides the fact that they look really nice, they are usefull during your workouts. They have a nice handgrip, are very stable..”

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Review Samuel Cockey Calisthenics Full Journey Calisthenics Family
Samuel Cockey

”I bought the Full Journey-package,  and it is well organized and easy to follow. I look forward to learning new skills and getting stronger…”

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Aron Blouw

You have all of my support. I think it is amazing what you are doing and how you help people, especially with this Home Workout Plan. This will really help me to make progress and to keep making progress. I train together with…

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Review HB Marthenics Calisthenics Basics Course Calisthenics Family
HB Marthenics

”Been training hard and progressing little by little. Hope this will help me achieve my goal faster. Thank you for the nice Calisthenics Basics Course…”

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