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Review Steve V H Calisthenics Basics Course Calisthenics Family
Steve V H

“Definitely recommended for both a beginner and an advanced calisthenic athlete;).”

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Review Stián Coertze Calisthenics Full Journey Calisthenics Family
Stián Coertze

”It’s just the best, you guys inspired me to start calisthenics and I love the Full Journey workouts. I’ll definitely tell my friends about you guys and motivate them to also start with calisthenics….”

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Review Ursula Küken | Calisthenics Family Beginners Program
Ursula Küken

Hey guys! I already did the 4 pieces of training for the Calisthenics Beginner Program and I love it! I’m not a coach myself, but I think it’s well organized. I have trouble with the handstand because I already had problems with that exercise as a child. But I’ll try to get that going.

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Foto website
Gordon Bedford

”The best thing about the coaching is how personal it is, the relationship you get with your coach. We do weekly check-ins and review videos and the progress and it really helps build motivation and also drive improvement…”

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Sander de leeuw - Transformation Front
Review Bart Joosten | Calisthenics Family | Full Journey
Transformation Calisthenics
Transformation Calisthenics
Transformation Calisthenics
Transformatie Calisthenics
Yorick van den Boogaard - Transformation Front
Transformatie Calisthenics
Transformation Calisthenics Family
Rob - Transformation Front
Transformation Calisthenics
Transformatie Calisthenics
Randall - Back
Wout Lingier - Front
Review Frederik | Calisthenics Family | Full Journey
Transformatie Calisthenics Family