10 minute calisthenics abs workout

10 Minute Abs Workout

10 Minute Calisthenics Abs Workout When training Calisthenics and working to more advanced skills, it is really important that you have a strong core. Also, if you want to get a six-pack, you should not only do the basic dynamic exercises from the gym as situps and leg raises. It’s very important that you focus…

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Calisthenics Best Shoulder Exercises

5 Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises for Strength & Mass

5 Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises Strong and big shoulders are necessary for almost all Calisthenics exercises. We noticed that a lot of you asked how to get stronger and bigger shoulders. That’s why we decided to share our 5 best bodyweight shoulder exercises for strength and mass in this blog and tutorial video below. We…

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Wooden parallettes Workout

Why should you buy Wooden Parallettes?

Why should you buy Wooden Parallettes? Are you having doubts about buying Wooden Parallettes or not? You are definitely not the only one, there are a lot of different ones like plastic parallettes or wooden parallettes. This choice is especially hard if you are just new in the calisthenics community. That’s why we put the…

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Push up challenges with stan browney

Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney

Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney You may know Stan Browney; our fellow Dutch Calisthenics Youtuber and Calisthenics Athlete. Stan Browney challenged us to do some of the most insane hard push-ups challenges. Are you curious about how we did the Push-Up Challenges with Stan Browney? Did we fail or did we make it? We can…

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Best Calisthenics exercises for Chest deep ring dips

Best Calisthenics exercises for Chest

Best Calisthenics exercises for Chest When you search on Google you may recognize that many people are looking for: how to get a bigger chest, chest progression exercises, chest workout, etc. That’s why we decided to make a beginner and advanced tutorial about the Best Calisthenics exercises for Chest. Are you struggling with your weak…

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Muscle-up progression exercises

Muscle-up Progression Exercises

Muscle-up Progression Exercises The Muscle-up is one of the most well-known Calisthenics exercises. However, it’s also one of the exercises which most of our CaliFam members are struggling with. That’s why we decided to make a new tutorial about the best Muscle-up progression exercises. In the blog how to do a Muscle-up, we mentioned the…

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Calisthenics Stretching Routine Exercises

Calisthenics Stretching Routine

Calisthenics Stretching Routine Doing the right Stretching Exercises Routine before a Calisthenics Workout is very important. The chance is big that you are stiff and will or already have some pains during or after your Calisthenics Workouts. That’s probably because you don’t stretch at all, or because you’re not doing the right stretching exercises. That’s…

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How to increase push-Ups

How to Increase Push-ups

How to increase Push-Ups In this blog, you will learn How to increase Push-Ups. The Push-Up is one of the most basic exercises in Calisthenics, but also an important one. We received a lot of questions about how you can increase your Push-Ups. We also came from zero and had to increase our Push-Ups. Because…

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Calisthenics Schouders Trainen

Calisthenics Shoulder Workout

Calisthenics Shoulder Workout Your shoulders are one of the most important parts of your physique and therefore we have created a Calisthenics Shoulder Workout. Many people perform the wrong exercises or don’t have the big shoulders they want to have. That’s why we decided to share this Calisthenics Shoulder Workout with you guys. in this…

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how to dip workout CaliFam

Calisthenics Dip Workout

How to Dip – Workout to improve your dips The dip is one of the best exercises to work on your chest and triceps, but many people don’t know how to dip with a good technique. The dip is one of the Calisthenics exercises that most people are performing wrong. Performing the dip wrong causes…

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