Calisthenics vs weights

Calisthenics or Weights – What to choose?

Calisthenics or Weights – What to choose? Are you curious about why you should choose Calisthenics or weights? Or are you interested in Calisthenics, but still lifting weights in the gym because you have some doubts about choosing Calisthenics over weightlifting? In this blog, and in the video down below, you will discover more about…

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Calisthenics Workout

Falsehoods about Calisthenics You Should Avoid

Common Falsehoods about Calisthenics you should avoid The internet is full of falsehoods about Calisthenics and nutrition. The online buzz sends fake fitness information and ideas that can certainly disorient the weak-hearted. However, despite the claims that exercise doesn’t work and more, some people can still achieve their fitness or Calisthenics journey naturally. Calisthenics is…

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