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Customized 8-Week Training Plan

Your workout program will include the most effective routine that focusses on your specific goals and personal circumstances. . It will include specific strength exercises or calisthenics skill exercises depending on your own goals. Hereby some situations in which a custom program will be the perfect choice for you:

  • You want to learn / focus on a specific skill for example the muscle-up, the l-sit to handstand, the frontlever, the backlever or the human flag
  • You are going to the gym already, but you want to incoreparate some calisthenics in your program as well
  • You want gain muscle mass while learning calisthenics skills at the same time, but don’t know how to structure your program most effective
  • You are a total beginner (man or woman) and want a program based on your current level

Instruction Videos On Every Exercise (100+)

All exercises in the program will be fully explained by an instructional video. We have over more than 100 instructional videos to help you to perform the exercises with right form and techniques. Also, every exercise is built up out of different levels that are shown in the video. Once you reach the first level you can move on to the next level. This makes it always challenging, no matter your current level!

Video example 1: Push ups on P-bar 
Video example 2: Dips
Video example 3: Pistol Squats 

Personal Program Goals

We will set personal program goals for you according to your current level and own goals. You need to try to achieve these goals within 2 months of time. These goals are split up in different areas depending on your own goals. If your goal is to learn skills we will specify certain skill goals for the exercises we will give you. If you goal is to lose weight we will set a goal for you to drop a certain amount of kilograms, all depending on your circumstances.

Research shows that you will get faster progress when you work towards goals. It’s important that you stay consistent and keep those goals in mind. This will motivate you and will let you succeed at the end of the period.

Custom Exercise Logbook

We will make a custom exercise logbook that comes with your personal program. This is a very helpful tool that will help you to progress faster. It’s very easy to use with your phone or tablet! Our clients have seen this tool as one of the crucial aspects that made them succeed. The idea behind this logbook is that you can make the best out of every workout.

With every training your goal is to beat your own personal records. This makes every workout challenging and also really fun because you’ll get the feeling that you are progressing every day which will motivate you to keep on going!

Custom Stretching Routine

Calisthenics asks for a lot of flexibility in your joints to perform advanced exercises. Think of an L-sit to a Handstand or a Pistol squat. Your joints and muscles needs to be flexible enough to rotate or flex to perform exercises like this. You need to make sure that your body is warm, flexible and stretched before you start the actual workout. This will prevent injuries and stimulates better performance.

Everyone is different and therefore everyone’s flexibility level is different because it depends on many factors like: fitness level, experience with weightlifting, bone-structure etc. Therefore we will design a stretching routine based on your own flexibility (beginner, intermediate or advanded). This includes exercises that has helped us and will also help you to get faster progress.

24/7 Support by Us

We will guide you through your transformation and make sure everything is clear for you! We want to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, so there we support you by:

✔ Priority Mailinglist
We will put you on our priority mailing list. This means that we will answer your questions within 48 hours on working days to maximize your progress during your journey.

✔ Sended Videos
If you wish to get feedback on your form or technique with a specific exercise you can send us a video and we will give you tips so you will be doing all the exercises correctly (because form is crucial!).

No Results? Get Your Money Back!

After all the positive stories that we get from our clients after purchase, we are 100% sure that this program will guarantee results IF properly followed for a consecutive period of time. So that’s why we give you the oppurtunity to try this program out risk free, for 30 full days.  If you,  for whatever reason, still find yourself not getting any results after 30 days, we will give you a 100% refund!*

Simply message us at info@calisthenics-family.com to claim your refund.

How does it work?

    To meet your goals and wishes we ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Based on this questionnaire we will make a personalized program.

Step 1: Make your payment
Step 2: You’ll receive a guideline and questionnaire.
Step 3: Fill in the questionnaire & send it to us.
Step 4: We contact you within 24 hours to have a chat to make your wishes clear
Step 5: Your personal program will be ready within 1 week.


Jarvis Garcia
Multiple programs October 25, 2019
Transformation Weight Loss Calisthenics

”One of my goals in this program was to improve my calisthenics skills and gain strength. And that definitely happened. And also lose some fat because I had a lot of fat….”

Gordon Bedford
Custom Program + Coaching November 1, 2018
Foto website

”We do weekly skype check-ins and review videos and the progress and it really helps build motivation and also drive improvement, they’re giving tips to ensure that everything keeps getting better….”

Felipe Andres
Custom Program + Coaching January 22, 2019
Felipe frogstand

“At the moment that I finished the program I felt much more confident with my handstand, pullups and other exercises that we worked on. I will continue to work with them to achieve one of my main which is to do…”

Lasse M
Custom Program+ Parallettes November 27, 2018
Lasse handstand

”I managed to fulfill 6 of the 8 goals, included the main goal. Thanks Yannick and Michael, I really recommend everybody to try it. I’m on my 2nd program now, and I will definitely buy the 3rd program when I…”

Fabian Ruivenkamp
Custom Program November 28, 2018

”I wanted to start calisthenics for a long time but did not know how and where to start. Now 8 weeks later I have achieved results that I never dared to dream of, my calisthenics level has definitely been raised to a higher level…”

Bart van der Heijden
Custom Program October 2, 2018

“I was very surprised how much time and energy they put in the Custom Program! Really good service! But most importantly; I made some good progress…”

Arne Leemans
Custom Program October 18, 2018
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-06 at 16.38.11

“The workouts of my custom program are really challenging! But most important; A lot of fun! There is a lot of variation between the workouts…”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There is a limited availability for custom programs. Is it sold out at this moment? Please check back next monday for the availability.

Can’t you wait any longer, or is it sold out for more than 2 weeks? Then you might consider to start with our Full Journey Workout Plan. From experience we see that most of the custom program goals are also covered in our Full Journey Workout Bundle which are gaining muscle mass, learning skills and getting stronger. The Full Journey Program Pack contains all the exercises you need to achieve these goals, but they’re spread over a longer period of time because you will be working on multiple goals at the same time.

The main difference is that the Custom Program is designed for you personally and is adapted to your own level, goals and personal circumstances, while the Full Journey Program is a standard program that is made for everyone at different levels.

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Custom Workout Program

  • Customized workout plan
  • 8 – 12 weeks training period
  • Focussed on your specific goals
  • Instructional video’s included
  • Adapted to your current level
  • Fitted to your lifestyle
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