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3 November 2019

Opening Calisthenics Family Gym

Location: Tarweweg 9G Nijmegen, Netherlands

Our calisthenics adventure began three years ago. Since then we have made so many dreams come true. Two years ago we started our own company, Calisthenics Family. With this we have given several workshops, we have been to Ibiza and we have also opened a calisthenics park in our city. All this time it was our dream to have our own physical location. Sunday, November 3 it was finally time! The opening of our e-Calisthenics Family Gym and Studo. We spent 3 months, day in and day out, working on the construction of the gym and we are very proud of the end result.


19 May 2019

Workshop Powergym de Plank

Location: Powergym De Plank, Belgium

On this day we gave a calisthenics workshop for the members of the Powergym de Plank. During this day we mainly discussed the basics of calisthenics. Think of all basic exercises such as the correct implementation of the push up, the dip and the pull up. We also treated the Muscle up. Such as the correct technique of the Muscle up and a number of exercises to learn muscle up. During this day 3 out of 10 participants had done their first Bar Muscle up! We also discussed the handstand. And again we looked at the technique and additional exercises to strengthen the wrists, shoulder and torso.


15 June 2019

Opening Calisthenics Family Park

Location: Nijmegen Goffert park, Nederland

Na 3 jaar strijden voor een calisthenics park in in het centraal gelegen goffert park is onze droom eindelijk gerealiseerd! Afgelopen zaterdag hebben wij samen met de gemeente Nijmegen, de Nederlandse Calisthenics Bond en ontzettend veel enthousiaste atleten uit het hele land het park geopend. Dit park is gerealiseerd uit initiatief van Calistenics Family om iedereen de vruchten van de sport calisthenics te laten proeven. Deze sport is namelijk toegankelijk voor iedereen en niet alleen maar voor stoere gespierde mannen!  Zie hieronder een aantal foto’s van deze geweldige dag. Klik op de onderstaande knop voor meer informatie, foto’s en de aftermovie!


27th – 30th of April

Ibiza Calisthenics Training Retreat

Location: Ibiza, Spain

We are going to IBIZA and you can come with us! We are organizing a Calisthenics Training Retreat. It’s basically 5 days with us of working out, doing fun activities and enjoying at the beach. Together with Beachboxfitness we made a really nice Retreat for a very good deal. . Click on the button for more info about this amazing holiday!


22 Sep 2018

Workshop organized for Artem Morozov: Class 1

Location: Movi Performance Gym, Veenendaal, Netherlands
Hours: 15:00-18:00

During this workshop Artem focussed on the bend-arm strength. He mainly focussed on dynamic strength exercises such the Muscle up, the Handstand push ups, the One-arm pull up and the Impossible dip!


22 Sep 2018

Workshop organized for Artem Morozov: Class 2

Location: Movi Performance Gym, Veenendaal, Netherlands
Hours: 11:00-14:00

During this workhop Artem focussed on straight-arm strength. He mainly discussed the static exercises like the planche, the handstand, the one-arm handstand, the Victorian cross and as a BONUS his newest invention: the Morozov hold!


15 Sep 2018

Barjam Papendal: Meetup & Workout

Location: Papendallaan 60, Arnhem, Netherlands
Hours: 12:00-17:00

What’s up Cali Athletes! We are organizing a Calisthenics Family Barjam / Meet up on the 15th of September. We invite everyone to come and train with us and everyone else! On this day, Learning new skills, meeting new people and having fun is central! Attend the event on facebook
Hopefully we’ll see you at the 15th of September!


30 Jun 2018

Workshop Sittard: Muscle up & Handstand

Location: Personal Fitness Sittard, Sittard, Netherlands
Hours: 12:00-14:00

On saturday 30th June we are giving a Calisthenics workshop at Personal fitness in Sittard. Do you want to get stronger by training with your own bodyweight? Do you want to learn epic skills like the handstand or the muscle up? Join the workshop on the 30th of June! We will teach you the basics and techniques of these calisthenics skills! Apply now and hopefully we see you there!