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Calisthenics Training Guide - Calisthenics Family

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The best training methods
Important training routines
Nutrition & Calisthenics
What is Calisthenics?
Why Calisthenics?
About Calisthenics Family
Frequently Asked Questions
10 essential training principles

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Reviews Calisthenics E-book


Bas Kesseler
E-book November 25, 2018
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For those who don’t know where to start with Calisthenics: read this e-book. It is easy to understand and everything is explained in detail. Thanks to this e-book I was able to work towards my goals quickly and I became super excited to fully focus on Calisthenics. Thank you boys for everything!

Selim Berntsen
E-book February 8, 2018
Calisthenics e-book review

This is exactly what I needed! This E-book is really valuable if you want to get started with Calisthenics. I immediately started working with the example of training routines. This Calisthenics Training Guide is written in such a way that everyone can get started with Calisthenics. I would recommend it 100%!

Evi Woerdman
E-book October 8, 2018
calisthenics family handstand e-book review

This e-book made me decide to start with Calisthenics. The information is very useful and I noticed that Calisthenics is more challenging than weightlifting. I became more confident and excited about challenging skills such as the handstand! Definitely a must for everyone!

Martien Peters
E-book September 12, 2018
Martien Peters

What a nice and valuable E-book. It has given me many new insights about Calisthenics, but also about nutrition and lifestyle. I now know which steps I have to take to make progress. I am happy that I can continue to work on my goals with a good feeling. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to start.

Joris ten Hagen
E-book July 2, 2018
Calisthenics Family E-book

I like this e-book a lot. It changed the way of my thoughts about sports. It made me realize that you should do a sport that you enjoy. Calisthenics Family inspired me to start with Calisthenics which had a big influence on my life. I am way more motivated to do a workout and I feel more satisfied after my workouts.


The key to Success

Would you like to achieve more with training than just ‘pumping’ your muscles? Or are you wondering how to progress with Calisthenics without wasting a lot of time?  In that case, Calisthenics might be the right sport for you!

With bodyweight training, you will work on a fit and strong body in a safe and responsible way while working towards challenging exercises and skills! The sky is literally the limit with this sport! Many people have already joined the Calisthenics Family. Now, it’s time for you to start as well! With this Calisthenics Training Guide, we share all the necessary information that you need to know before starting Calisthenics. Sounds perfect right? 

By the way, Calisthenics is accessible to everyone: men and women, young and old, beginner and advanced. The beauty of Calisthenics is that you can join at any level and that you can train anywhere at any time!


You can achieve this with Calisthenics 



calisthenics e-book skill calisthenics e-book skill calisthenics e-book skill


Ready to exercise in a fun and challenging way?

Don’t make the same mistake as 70% of people by just doing something of which you don’t know if it is the most optimal way. Discover training methods and training routines that allow you to progress really quickly.
Besides that, you will find out more about nutrition & Calisthenics and the 10 most crucial training principles which are essential.

This Calisthenics E-book is the most complete guide to understand the basics of Calisthenics so that you can start well prepared with your Calisthenics Journey!

Download our Calisthenics Training E-book now for free and make the impossible possible!

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