Calisthenics Training Guide – E-book


Calisthenics Training Guide

“De ultimate guide to start Calisthenics without beginner mistakes”

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Would you also like to achieve more with training than just “pumping” your muscles? Then Calisthenics might be the right sport for you! With bodyweight training you’ll work on a fit and strong body in a safe and responsible way while working towards challenging exercises! The sky is literally the limit with this sport!

Download our free Calisthenics Training E-book and make the impossible possible! This is what you will read in our training guide:


1. Calisthenics, What is it?

2. Why Calisthenics?

3. About Calisthenics Family

4. Training Methods

5. Example Training Routines

6. 10 Important Training Principles

7. Frequently Asked Questions

8. Nutrition & Calisthenics

9. Training Programs

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