Calisthenics backbending | Calisthenics family app

Backbending offers many advantages in training and in everyday life. Although it may feel unnatural to bend backwards, our bodies are made to do this!

By adding back bending exercises to your training routine, you improve your breathing by opening your chest. In addition, you release tension in the lower back and hips and you will improve your posture. Personally, we find back bending one of the most satisfying stretches as it relaxes you enormously and takes you completely out of your “fixed” position. After a good backbending session you immediately feel more energetic and free in movement. And if you ever have the goal of doing advanced handstand shapes such as a scorpion handstand, you should definitely work on your backbending ability!

To help you to get started with backbending, we have created a backbending programconsisting of 2 different levels. All these exercises has significantly helped us and many others in their overall fitness – calisthenics journey. The program starts with easy and accessible stretches and safely works to a point where you can stand backwards on 4 hands in a full bridge!

  • Improves Back bending
  • Opens your chest and improves your breathing
  • Releases tension in your lower back, hips and groin
  • Feel free, more energetic and more mobile
  • Choice of different levels
  • 25+ videos of unique stretches

Increase your backbending and experience the benefits with our proven back bending sessions!

Calisthenics backbending | Calisthenics family app