Calisthenics Basics

Calisthenics basics | Calisthenics family app

Do you want to master the basics of Bodyweight Training, avoid beginner mistakes, and create a solid strength foundation before you move on to harder calisthenics exercises? Then this is your program!

If we had this program available when we started with calisthenics, we would definitely choose to follow this one before starting harder calisthenics exercises. Because after 10 years of training experience, we know how incredibly important a solid strength foundation is. Completing this program will ensure that you’re 100% ready to start with calisthenics skills, without injuries and hitting plateaus due to lacking strength.

Even if learning calisthenics skills is not your goal, then this plan is perfect for you to get fit. Whether that means building muscle mass or losing weight. It just consists of the perfect selection of bodyweight exercises.

  • Master all basic exercises of Calisthenics
  • The best choice to get started with bodyweight movements
  • Avoid common beginner mistakes
  • For ultra beginners to advanced
  • 50+ exercise videos
  • Gain muscle mass with bodyweight training

Build a solid strength foundation while getting in shape, for any level.

Calisthenics basics | Calisthenics family app