Calisthenics & Gym

Calisthenics & gym| Calisthenics family app

Are you currently working out with weights in the gym, but want to incorporate some calisthenics exercises? Or are you doing calisthenics but struggling to fit in some weightlifting exercises? This Workout plan is your solution.

This Hybrid Workout plan is the perfect combination of calisthenics and gym training. With this program, you will work towards iconic bodyweight movements like the pullup, the muscle up, (weighted) dips and advanced pushups, while still working on absolute strength and Muscle Mass by doing the most effective gym exercises like the Squat, Benchpress, Deadlift and several Barbell and Dumbell exercises.

When we first started with calisthenics, we came from the gym too. In the beginning, we still wanted to incorporate our favorite gym exercises like the bench press and the squat. So back then, we followed a plan exactly like this one. It was just perfect for us.

  • Hybrid Bodyweight & Weightlifting Plan
  • Work on both Calisthenics and Absolute strength
  • Selection of the most effective Calisthenics & Gym exercises
  • Perfect for building Muscle Mass
  • 4 Levels from ultra beginner to advanced
  • 90+ exercise videos

Gain Muscle Mass and Functional strength with an optimal exercise selection of both worlds

Calisthenics & gym| Calisthenics family app