The Full Calisthenics Journey

This is the Ultimate Lifechanging Plan for everyone that wants to start their Calisthenics Journey by learning skills while working on an athletic physique without any mistakes from the very beginning.

With this 5-Level Workout Bundle, you will learn everything from scratch to become a master of your own bodyweight. The Skills that are incorporated in this plan and that you can accomplish when finishing the plan are: Muscle Up, Handstand, Human Flag, Frontlever, Backlever, Planche, Handstand Pushup and more. Everything in one plan! Thousands have already unlocked these skills and obtained an athletic physique by following this plan. You’re next!

  • Best Selling Calisthenics Workout Plan
  • Learn Calisthenics Skills stepwise
  • Build an athletic Physique
  • Long term plan (for +1 Year)
  • Unlock Dynamic Skills
  • Master Static Skills
  • Levels varying from Ultra Beginner to Expert
  • 5 Workout Plans of each 8-16 weeks
  • 130+ Instructional Video’s

Have a look at the full journey timeline below to see the skills you will unlock at each stage.