Hamstring Flexibility

Calisthenics Hamstring Flexibility | Calisthenics family app

Increasing Hamstring Flexibility might be your best investment if you’re serious about mastering calisthenics exercises, especially static holds. A clean L-sit, good form leg raises, a clean handstand, strict muscle-ups, and all straddle exercises require good Hamstring Flexibility.

Besides improving calisthenics exercises, hamstring flexibility has many more benefits. Tight hamstrings can increase the risks of bad posture and lower back pain because it attaches to your pelvis where hamstring tightness causes it to be pulled forward. Stretching your hamstrings regularly will also prevent injuries such as muscle tears and improves overall leg strength and agility. Besides, stretching the hamstrings improves the legs’ overall flexibility and strength. In short, plenty of reasons to work on flexible hamstrings!

  • Improves Hamstring Flexibility
  • Required to perform most Calisthenics Exercises properly
  • Reduces Lower back pain, bad posture, and injuries
  • Improves Leg strength and agility
  • Multiple levels to choose from
  • 25+ different exercises and stretches

Increase hamstring flexibility to Improve Calisthenics Exercises and reduce risks of lower back pain and bad posture.

Calisthenics Hamstring Flexibility | Calisthenics family app