Handstand Mastery

Calisthenics handstand mastery | Calisthenics family app

Learning the Handstand is one of the first things we did when we started our journey. Why? Because it is the easiest skill to learn, it’s the MOST valuable skill to learn and it’s just an amazing feeling to have total control being upside down.

So why is it easy and valuable? The Handstand doesn’t require a large amount of strength and is therefore accessible to anyone at any level. If your goal is to learn harder calisthenics exercises such as the handstand pushup, l-sit to handstand, or planche, learning the handstand is the foundation to unlock all these skills.

This skill mastery course consists of 5 levels, from ultra beginner to expert, you can start this plan if you can hardly do a pushup, and it works up to a completely straight handstand for 30 seconds.

  • Complete Handstand Mastery Course
  • Works on Mobility, Balance, Technique, Strength, Core & Flexibility
  • Works up to a completely straight 30s Handstand Hold
  • No training experience required to start
  • 5 Levels from ultra beginner to expert
  • 75+ exercise videos

Start from scratch and work up to a 30 second Handstand Hold with this extensive Handstand Mastery Course

Calisthenics handstand mastery | Calisthenics family app