Hip Mobility

Calisthenics heup mobiliteit | Calisthenics family app

Improving Hip Mobility might not be the first thing you think about when starting with Calisthenics or Bodyweight Training, but it does help you in many ways! When it comes to learning specific calisthenics skills, hip abduction (spreading legs sideways) is necessary to perform all straddle exercises, the better your mobility is, the easier those exercises will be. Hip extension (pushing hips forward) is useful to create straight lines for basic exercises like the superman hold and harder exercises such as the dragon flag and frontlever. Without a proper hip extension, you won’t be able to perform these exercises with proper form.

When it comes to training in general, having good hip mobility will result in executing exercises, especially core and leg exercises, with a good range of motion while creating minimum tension on your lower back and knees, preventing pain and injuries in these areas.

The Hip mobility sessions that our app offers include a selection of the most effective hip mobility/hip-opening stretches to progress in calisthenics and prevent daily issues caused by hip tightness.

  • Improves Hip Mobility
  • Boosts straddle and hip opening exercises
  • Reduces Lower back and knee pain
  • Improves Leg and core strength
  • Multiple levels to choose from
  • 15+ different exercises and stretches

Improving Hip mobility enables you to perform straddle, leg, and core exercises easily without risk of injuries.

Calisthenics heup mobiliteit | Calisthenics family app