Shoulder Mobility

Calisthenics shoulder mobility | Calisthenics family app

Improve your shoulder mobility and flexibility and you’ll experience all the benefits that it has in store for you. Increasing shoulder mobility is directly linked to better performance of exercises and other goals you might have.

The exercises and stretches that we have implemented in our mobility sessions will help you to obtain a greater range of motion for almost any exercise, which results in more time under tension and thus faster muscle growth and more calories burnt.

Good shoulder mobility/flexibility also results in much faster progress of skills like the handstand, muscle up, and backlever, simply because your shoulders are the main joint involved in these exercises. The reason why you’ll progress faster is because you’ll be able to generate more strength in shoulder flexion when working on shoulder mobility regularly.

  • Improve Shoulder Mobility and Flexibility
  • Results in faster progress of calisthenics exercises
  • Bulletproofs your shoulders against injuries
  • Increases range of motion many movements
  • Multiple sessions per week
  • Multiple levels to choose from
  • 25+ different exercises and stretches

Bulletproof your shoulders and boost your progress with our effective Shoulder Mobility Sessions.

Calisthenics shoulder mobility | Calisthenics family app